Artificial insemination with your partner’s semen entails placing sperm that have been previously selected from a sample inside the uterus.

When is it recommended?

Artificial Insemination with partners sperm

Artificial insemination is appropriate when sperm have difficulty reaching the uterus (impotence, poor sperm quality, etc..).

It is also recommended for ovulatory dysfunction, anatomic and / or functional cervix (cervical factor), coital factors or unexplained infertility

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AIH can be carried out when the male partner has undergone a vasectomy and would like to have a child. The sperm is obtained by means of a deferent duct puncture and if the obtained sample is sufficient, it is prepared to be used in the Artificial Insemination treatment. However, samples obtained via this procedure are normally too small and that is why IVF may be recommended in the end.

Urological pathology
AIH can also be successfully carried out in some rare cases such as when men suffer from retrograde ejaculation (inside the urinary bladder) which may occur after prostate surgery. In this case the spermatozoa are obtained by means of vesicle content centrifugation. AIH can also be undertaken if urological pathologies such as hypospadias are present. Men who suffer from impotence as a result of paraplegia or tetraplegia have taken advantage of this treatment obtaining a semen sample by means of electroejaculation or epididymal puncture.

Preparation for Artificial Insemination can be carried out in advance when the male partner has to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy (both treatments for cancer) during which germinal cells producing sperm are usually altered. In this case several semen samples can be frozen beforehand (cryopreservation) and then thawed and prepared to be used for AIH.


1. Ovarian stimulation and monitoring

The ovaries are stimulated by the administration of hormones (follicle stimulating FSH and, in some cases, luteinizing hormone LH) and the cycle is monitored by means of ultrasound scans in order to verify that both the number and size of the follicles is appropriate (only one follicle is necessary for this technique). It is then that, by administering another hormone that mimics LH, (the hormone) which triggers ovulation in a natural way, (LH or luteinizing hormone) the egg is released.

2. Preparation of the semen sample

On the day of insemination, the male party delivers the semen sample to the laboratory. The sample is treated to separate the motile sperm from the rest. This process results in a sufficient concentration of motile sperm being obtained (several million) in order to carry out the insemination.

fases-fiv3-13. Insemination

On the day of ovulation the sperm sample is loaded into a thin tube and inserted into the uterus for injection. It is a simple, painless procedure and very similar to any gynaecological examination.

Success rates

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Cost of treatment

The total cost of your treatment, final price guaranteed, is: 1180 EUR/1036 GBP

Get your free 360° Fertility Assessment during your first visit if you request it before June 30th.

This amount includes all medical procedures necessary, from your first visit to completion.

Medical treatments in Spain are exempt from VAT.

This amount does NOT include:

  • The previous medical tests required, since they are different for each person depending on their medical history.
  • The medication, as during the first visit your doctor will indicate the dose you need, depending on your case.
  • The vitrification of oocytes or embryos, since the need for this technique is not specified until the last phase of in vitro fertilisation treatment.

Travel and accommodation

At EUGIN, all the treatments are performed in Barcelona. You can get started right away, and from start to finish, the whole process tends to take around one month.

Be aware that the travelling adds a significant cost, at EUGIN we do everything possible to reduce it to the minimum.

To do this we propose two methods:

A. Two short trips to Barcelona. Trips can be scheduled every day of the week (weekends included), to make it easier to fit them in to your schedule.
B. A single trip to Barcelona, of variable length. There is a possibility of scheduling a single trip to Barcelona to carry out the treatment. If you prefer this option, you can contact our patient care team, who will help you plan the whole trip. Depending on your case and the treatment you undergo, the stay may range * from 15 days to one month.

*If you require a visa, consider the possibility that your trip may be prolonged depending on your case and the treatment you undergo. Our patient care team will help you organize all the details of your stay.

The entire follow-up is done in a comfortable, secure way and in complete privacy through your secure personal area, designed for this purpose.
This technique offers a certified chance of pregnancy, of up to 41%

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Last Updated: November 2018