We ask all our patients to fill in some patient satisfaction surveys, where they can assess each phase of their treatment. These are some of their ratings:

Our son and daughter are about to celebrate their ninth birthday. They are delightful and we are very happy. We want to thank our donor, ‘the good fairy’ the name we use when we explain her to our children. It’s almost ten years since we had IVF with egg donation and we are still relishing the joy it brought.


Dear all, I would like to thank everyone and, when I say everyone I mean the whole team at Eugin, for your competence, professionalism and patience throughout my follow up. I wanted you to know that, after the fertilisation and transfer of two embryos, I am pregnant.
My husband and I would like to thank Eugin and their donation programme which mean that, in a few months’ time, we will meet our son or daughter for the first time.
Our message to any couples that are experiencing fertility problems is don’t be afraid and trust the Clinic. Many thanks once again.


We have been lucky enough to become parents thanks to the team at Eugin Clinic. We have a wonderful little boy and hope to have another child. We are very grateful for your kindness and professional approach.


The clinics staff is absolutely charming. It is appreciated to be spoken to i your language. Everyone’s smile at the clinic allows you to feel calm and safe during the visits and transfer, moments which are crucial for many in this process. Thank you to everyone.


I am in Barcelona, about to return to Italy. Two days ago I had two fantastic and tiny embryos….now all that is left is to wait, but, come what may, I can only give Eugin Clinic’s staff a HUGE thank you….they make you feel at home with their kindness and smiles. Whatever happens, we will definitely come back. And I recommend it to everyone; you have truly helped us! Thank you thank you thank you.


After our visit to Eugin Clinic we had a very positive feeling. We have trusted our desire to be parents in the team, with complete faith. I can now say that I have officially started the journey to fulfil my dream. Thank you to all the Eugin team and coordinators. And for those that have any doubts, know that at Eugin you will feel well-treated. All the team is more than prepared.


Eugin Clinic offered us a differential approach compared to other centres that we visited: we received excellent emotional support during the process, as they dedicated a lot of time and care to us and the medical support was, of course, excellent. Thank you for everything.


The clinic has satisfied me especially due to their human approach. It has been a beautiful experience….Thank you for your patience!


Continue being the way you are: perfect. You have always been there listening, and answers have been quick, even at 8000 km away!


The quality of the service for me was top notch. I especially appreciate having a private waiting room. Thank you for your work and your warm welcome.


The over 40s look for speed, efficiency and professionalism. This is, without a doubt, what I have found at Eugin.


We are very happy with Eugin Clinic. We will not hesitate in recommending you to those people who wish to have a child. We want to thank all the people that have helped us during the process.


Eugin Clinic: you are formidable! Thank you to all the team… We still recommend you to everyone!


We want to thank you for having made this process a positive experience for us.


Congratulations to all the team for your professionalism, discretion and attention. Also for the care and kindness with which we have been treated during the whole process. We hope nature takes care of the rest.


You are worthy of praise in every aspect, both professional and human. I felt taken care of more than ever. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.


I would not change anything at Eugin. It is a nice clinic, with hard working and pleasant staff.


We detected great efficiency and professionalism during the whole experience. We have met caring and attentive staff, at all levels.


I have been pleasantly surprised by their professionalism, availability and warm welcome. Thank you for your kindness.


Everything is well carried out and explained. I have a super daughter thanks to Eugin: You have changed my life.


At Eugin Clinic there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is very affectionate and professional. I could not have imagined a better clinic! Thanks to all the team that helped us…it was all very emotional.


I had received a very warm welcome, on a medical level as well as on an administrative level: they are all very professional. We are lucky Eugin Clinic exists.


Eugin Clinic has a good reputation. Their work is well coordinated by all the team. Thank you for your warm welcome and treatment


Last Updated: February, 2017
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