Get your free 360º Fertility Assessment during your first visit if you request it before June 30.

Immediately after you register, you will find all your information gathered in what we call your Secure Personal Area.

Your Secure Personal Area is only accessible by you, at any time.

Once there, you will be able to review all the information regarding your treatment, have any question answered, and, of course, make your first appointment with your doctor at your convenience.

The data you enter is protected. More information

The Eugin website uses the same HTTPS security and trust protocol that your bank uses. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, and your data is encrypted securely and automatically.

We take your privacy very seriously, and of course, strict compliance with the Law on Data Protection. The information is only used in the context of your treatment. Our computer system has the safest encryption protocols, and complies with the demanding ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard.

Why do I need to give my details?
In Clinica EUGIN we take your privacy and safety very seriously throughout your whole process. The information we request from you is strictly necessary to provide you with a personalized estimate that carries no obligation whatsoever on your part, but which we promise to maintain the price of for the next six months.

Why six months?
Choosing an assisted reproduction treatment is an important decision, and we understand that you need time to consider other options and choose that which suits you the best, in all respects.

Is it safe to give my e-mail?
We will only send to the e-mail address you provide us with, information related to the treatment that you have expressed an interest in.

Is the password safe?
The password you give us is only for you to access your Private Area. We ask you to repeat it to avoid errors, and for further security, we remind you that it should not be the same one that you usually use for your e-mail account.

Can I modify or even delete my details?
On sending your details, you will automatically have a space in the Private Area, where you can modify, add or even delete any information you wish, at any time.

Can I receive an estimate without giving my details?
Due to that stated above, it is not possible for us to generate an estimate without the minimum information we request. Remember that you are not contracting any obligation with the Clinica EUGIN when you request an estimate.

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