INVO: live the development of the embryos in your own body

Eugin Clinic offers future mums the chance to take part in their pregnancy in the most direct way from the very first day

INVO offers you the chance to live the experience of assisted reproduction in a participatory way, minimising external intervention during the development of the embryos. It allows the mother-to-be to get directly involved in this process in a safe and simple way, and above all, with the same guarantees as incubation in the laboratory.

By means of the INVO device, embryo development takes place in the woman’s body, in particular, in the capsule that is placed in her vagina. The device contains the semen and egg samples, which may have been previously inseminated in the laboratory to ensure fertilisation. Once inside the woman’s body, it will be her own heat which favors the embryos’ development.

The device is introduced together with a diaphragm to prevent expulsion and to ensure proper placement in the vagina, where it will remain for two or three days. After this time, it will be removed, and once the embryos are retrieved, they will be transferred to the woman’s uterus for the process to take its course.

A safe method

INVO can be used in IVF cycles with one’s own eggs or with donor eggs and the only precautions the future mum has to follow during the three days she carries the device inside her will be to avoid taking baths, refrain from sexual intercourse and not fly.

INVO: live the development of the embryos in your own body

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