Shared dreams,
Unique families.

We at Eugin Madrid are at your disposal
with the leading specialists in assisted reproduction
to help you fulfil your dream of becoming a mother.
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Unique families.

We at Eugin Madrid are at your disposal
with the leading specialists in assisted
reproduction to help you fulfil your dream
of becoming a mother.
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Assisted reproduction treatments
at our fertility clinic in Madrid

Eugin is the leading fertility and assisted reproduction centre in Madrid for the many families who are pursuing their dream of motherhood. We offer you the very best specialists in gynaecology and reproductive medicine as well as the most advanced and cutting-edge techniques in the field of assisted reproduction.

Our fertility clinic in Madrid carries out all kinds of reproductive treatments, from Artificial Insemination to In Vitro Fertilisation. We guarantee above-average pregnancy results for all treatments, as published by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), and we achieve success and pregnancy rates of 98% after 3 complete cycles in treatments such as IVF using oocyte donation.

In addition, you will have access to EXPECTmore, a pioneering algorithm based on artificial intelligence that accurately predicts the likelihood of pregnancy in women undergoing assisted reproduction procedures and which will also make recommendations on the actions or habits you can take to optimise the effectiveness of the treatment.

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In Eugin we take your privacy very seriously, and of course, strict compliance with the Data Protection Law. The information is only used in the context of your treatment. Our computer system has the most secure encryption protocols, and complies with the demanding ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard.

We guarantee:

A first medical consultation with a specialist in assisted reproduction free of charge, which you can do in person or by videoconference if you prefer.

Undergoing a vaginal ultrasound, if needed.

A Seminogram for the male partner, if applicable.

The assessment of the medical tests you provide us with.

And, of course, we will offer you a completely personalised medical diagnosis based on your clinical case.

Where are we?

Our Eugin assisted reproduction clinic has been in Madrid since 2016. It is a modern clinic located in Alfonso XII street, with excellent transport links, and is just a few metres from Atocha station.

We will be delighted to meet you in person, show you our facilities and introduce you to our entire team of experts. Visit us at:

Eugin Madrid

C/ Alfonso XII 62, Pl. Baja A

Assisted reproduction: (+34) 913 360 400


Monday to Friday

from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Weekends and public holidays:

By appointment

How to find us:

Metro: L1 (Atocha station)

Bus: Lines 10, 14, 19, 26, 32, C

Train: All local train lines (Atocha-Renfe)

Car: Free parking spaces at your disposal.

Why choose Eugin Madrid?

Leaders in Egg Donation

Leaders in Egg Donation

We were pioneers in implementing this treatment and since 2010, we have helped over 34,000 women become mothers. We offer very competitive prices and, thanks to our own donation programme, we take care of the donors on a personal basis – now with over 15,000 donors from more than 70 countries.

International recognition

International recognition

We have been carrying out innovative assisted reproduction treatments for more than 24 years, and we are also recognised for our medical excellence and our work in scientific research.

Multi-disciplinary and English-speaking team

Multi-disciplinary and English-speaking team

We have professionals who speak your language and are experts in different areas of health: physicians, embryologists, psychologists, R+D+I specialists and many others. This enables us to offer you the best possible service.

We adapt to you

We adapt to you

The wellbeing of our patients comes first. We listen to your needs, study your case and offer you a personalised solution and specialised treatment that suits you. We have no waiting lists, so you choose when to start.

Assisted reproduction treatments
scientific, safe and cutting edge

Egg donation

Egg donation treatment is the procedure par excellence carried out at Eugin’s assisted reproduction clinics and which ensures success rates of up to 98% after 3 complete cycles. It consists of fertilising a donor’s eggs with your partner’s sperm. Once fertilised, the egg becomes a pre-embryo which is then transferred to the uterus in order to continue its development.

This procedure is suitable when you have ovarian problems and you need to rely on donor eggs, either because your ovaries do not produce eggs or because the eggs are unsuitable in terms of quality. It is recommended for women with a genetic disease, a chromosomal abnormality or a disease that contraindicates ovarian stimulation. It is also recommended if you have already made several unsuccessful IVF attempts using your own eggs or if you are over 43 years of age.
Sperm can also come from a donor if you don’t have a partner or if your partner has azoospermia (absence of sperm) or other sperm abnormalities that have led to previous failures.
We at Eugin will always study your case in order to offer you a tailored treatment. We will select healthy and fertile donors based on their physical similarity to you and we will carry out a genetic matching between them in order to rule out over 300 genetic diseases. We will prepare your endometrium and monitor you. You will have as many medical visits and check-ups as you need. We will be there for you at all times.
As we said, with in vitro fertilisation by egg donation we achieve a certified likelihood of pregnancy of up to 98% following three complete attempts at the treatment.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

In vitro fertilisation is a laboratory technique used to fertilise an egg with sperm outside the uterus. At Eugin Madrid we offer different treatments depending on your needs.

Both IVF using your own eggs and your partner’s sperm and IVF using your own eggs and donor sperm offer a certified likelihood of pregnancy of up to 71%.

We extract the eggs and fertilise them in the laboratory with your partner’s sperm. Once the embryos have developed, we place them inside the uterus so that they can continue their development.

It is the ideal method when we do not have enough sperm for Artificial Insemination, or when the fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged. In this case, it is the only option to achieve pregnancy. We also recommend it if we have already attempted Artificial Insemination several times and have been unsuccessful.

In these cases, we extract and fertilise the eggs with sperm from an anonymous donor in the laboratory. The sample is of optimal sperm quality and quantity, as it comes from a healthy donor. Once fertilised, the egg becomes a pre-embryo and is transferred to the uterus to continue its development.

We recommend this treatment if you want to become a single mother, or your partner is another woman or, after several attempts at In Vitro Fertilisation using your partner’s sperm, you have had no luck and we suspect that the origin of the failures may be due to the male partner. It may be that there is azoospermia (the man has no sperm in the ejaculate) or that the sperm has been used unsuccessfully. Or the man may have a chromosomal abnormality or a genetic disease that cannot be resolved by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (study of the chromosomal or genetic characteristics of the embryo with respect to a specific disease before it is implanted in the uterus).

The ROPA method

Find out about the ROPA method, which is a variant of In Vitro Fertilisation treatment for homosexual couples comprising two women who decide to have a baby together and who both want to actively participate in the pregnancy: one of you will undergo ovarian stimulation to retrieve your eggs and fertilise them, and the other will receive the embryo in her uterus and carry the pregnancy. Using this method, both women are mothers: one is the genetic parent (she provides the egg) and the other is the gestational parent (she carries the pregnancy).

The current legislation on assisted reproduction techniques and the techniques we offer in our clinics make it possible for women who want to become mothers to do so today, as well as giving them different options, depending on the involvement of both parties in the process.

The usual assisted reproduction technique for the ROPA method is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). This involves fertilising the egg of one of the women outside the uterus with sperm from a donor and transferring the resulting embryo to the uterus of the other woman.

Using this procedure, we will achieve a certified probability of pregnancy of as high as 93%.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination treatments are among the most common techniques used in fertility clinics in Madrid. With Artificial Insemination (AI), we place sperm that we select from a semen sample into the uterus. They can be from your partner (CAI) or from an anonymous sperm donor (DAI). In this case, it is not necessary to extract the egg, but instead we directly introduce the sperm sample into the uterus, respecting the natural environment of the gametes as much as possible. In order to increase the chances of pregnancy, we hormonally stimulate the ovaries and monitor ovulation to determine the best time to perform the insemination. In this way, we increase the chances of the egg being fertilised and facilitate a successful pregnancy.

Artificial insemination is the least complex form of treatment, and is usually performed up to the age of 40. It is a simple, painless process and very similar to any gynaecological check-up. This treatment offers optimal rates until the third or fourth attempt. If pregnancy is not achieved after the third or fourth attempt, a change to a more complex technique such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) can be considered, depending on the case.
Artificial insemination is a treatment used when sperm have difficulty reaching the uterus, or if there are ovulatory alterations or sterility of unknown origin. Success rates vary between 32% and 51% depending on the age of the woman and based on three insemination attempts.
It is used when the male partner has a hereditary disease, an inability to produce sperm (testicular failure) or in women without a male partner or who are single. In the case of using donor sperm, this offers greater chances of pregnancy than CAI because the sample comes from a selected donor who has undergone a full screening and pregnancy success rates are between 37% and 59%, calculated on the basis of three inseminations and depending on the woman’s age.

Fertility preservation and egg freezing

Egg freezing or oocyte vitrification is the process used to preserve a woman’s fertility. By vitrifying your oocytes, you can postpone the decision to become a mother using your own eggs and have the peace of mind that when the time comes, in the event that you need to turn to an assisted reproduction procedure, you will have the same chances of becoming pregnant as you have at present.

From the age of 35 on, one in six women who decide to have children face some kind of difficulty in achieving it. In addition, women are increasingly delaying childbearing, whether for personal, social or work-related reasons. We must also take into account those who do so for medical reasons (the start of chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions or the need for gynaecological surgery due to medical conditions such as endometriosis or ovarian cysts). For all these cases, we believe that preservation is an opportunity for when you wish to become a mother in the future.

At Eugin, the entire study phase, the follow-up of the ovarian stimulation treatment, the follicular aspiration (egg retrieval), as well as the vitrification and maintenance of the eggs for 4 years are all included.

At Eugin, you will have a first medical visit with one of our specialists, who will assess your medical history along with the tests you bring or have done at the clinic, and will give you the required instructions and answer any questions you may have.
The next step will be, once you have your period, to start the stimulation procedure by administering the medication yourself in a very simple way that is totally compatible with your daily routine. After about 10 days, when your ovaries are ready, we will schedule the day to proceed with egg aspiration performed under sedation in a procedure where after two hours you will be able to lead a normal life.
From this moment on, the laboratory work begins, where the vitrification process (ultra-rapid freezing) of your eggs at -196ºC with liquid nitrogen will take place. This ultra-rapid freezing technique is the one that will allow you to preserve the present probabilities of pregnancy for the future and to be able to use your own eggs at a later date should you wish to conceive.

Techniques to increase the chances of pregnancy

We offer you the very best techniques in the field of assisted reproduction. Because we know that each and every person requires special attention, Eugin offers you 6 techniques that, when applied to your specific case, will increase your chances of pregnancy. These are the following:

Afterloading Embryo Transfer

Assisted Hatching

IVF with Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI

Blastocyst culture and transfer


Egg vitrification

Genetic testing

In keeping with our cutting-edge techniques and research, the genetic tests that we carry out at our fertility and assisted reproduction centre in Madrid allow us to work with greater safety as well as enabling us to reduce the risk of the baby suffering from a genetic disease in the future.

Pre-implantation Genetic Test PGT-M

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening PGT-A

Genetic carrier screening study

Screening for rare diseases in donors

The Madrid clinic’s medical team

You will be supported by a friendly team of experts who will be there for you from the very first step.

Dr. Alexandra Izquierdo

Eugin Madrid Medical Director

nº 284619787 ICOMEM

Dr. Ana Bolívar

Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine

nº 282868901 ICOMEM

Dr. Elena Izquierdo

Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine

nº 282866949 COMB

Dr. Esther Arango

Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine

nº 2868365 COMB

Dr. Laura Rodríguez

Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine

nº 181812441 COMB

Dr. María Calomarde

Gynaecologist specialising in Reproductive Medicine

nº 282863855 ICOMEM

Assisted reproduction: experiences of other patients who had the same dream as you

We didn't know whether the problem was his or mine.
But it was clear to us that the solution had
to be ours. Thanks to Eugin, we discovered that,
even though he was in good health, his sperm count
was not ideal, so we were advised to undergo IVF
using my own eggs and my partner's sperm.
That was 6 months ago. And now,
we are 4 months pregnant!
Marta and Carlos
It had become rather late for us to start trying.
When we realised we couldn't do it on our own,
we sought help.
At Eugin, they made us feel at ease and reassured us
from the very first moment. Today,
our dream has come true and his name is Adrien
Dominique and Danielle
Eugin has shown me that
what really matters when it comes to becoming
a mother is the desire to be one.
My case is quite complex:
single at the age of 38, my maternal instinct has been awakened
and I don't intend to let it disappear again.
Luckily, I found a great team
who made it possible for me to have
this 8-month bump and
I'm about to burst with joy
Becoming mothers was our dream. It had been clear
to us for a long time,
but we wanted to find the perfect
partner to fulfil it. From the very first visit,
we knew that Eugin was going to be that perfect partner,
so much so... that we have repeated the experience.
We couldn't let Belén be without a little brother...
or little sister!
We still have two months to find out!
Claudia and Elisabet


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