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Platelet-rich plasma: what is it and what is the PRP technique used for?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP or PRGF) is a concentration of platelets and growth factors, essential blood components for healing and cellular regeneration. The PRP technique harnesses these properties to promote tissue recovery and rejuvenation in various medical and aesthetic treatments. From skin revitalization to accelerating the healing of musculoskeletal injuries, this technique has become a cornerstone of regenerative medicine.

The primary objective of the PRP technique is to stimulate the body’s natural healing process by improving the regeneration of damaged tissues and enhancing cellular rejuvenation. In fields such as reproductive medicine, it is often associated with the treatment of low ovarian reserve or so-called “ovarian rejuvenation”, aiming to increase the quantity of eggs and chances of conception in women with reproductive difficulties.

What does platelet-rich plasma treatment involve?


Preparation phase

The technique begins with a simple extraction of blood from the patient, followed by a centrifugation process to separate and concentrate the platelets in the plasma.

Activation phase

The platelet-rich plasma is activated to release growth factors, essential for initiating cellular regeneration and repair.

Administration phase

Finally, the PRP is injected into the area to be treated, in this case, into the patient's ovaries, where the platelets release growth factors that promote tissue healing and regeneration.

Why is the PRP technique useful in cases of low ovarian reserve?

The PRP technique has shown potential in the treatment of low ovarian reserve, a condition that affects female fertility. By injecting PRP into the ovaries, the aim is to stimulate ovarian function, reactivate follicular activity, and increase the quantity of eggs, offering a new window of hope for women seeking to conceive.

Who is the PRP
or “ovarian rejuvenation”
technique intended for?

Although it is known by the name “ovarian rejuvenation,” ovarian reactivation is a more accurate description. This technique is especially suitable for women with low ovarian reserve who wish to improve their chances of responding to ovarian stimulation treatment for IVF. Common cases include women of advanced reproductive age, or those who have experienced poor ovarian response in previous fertility treatments.

Advantages of using platelet-rich plasma in the PRP Technique

The main advantages of using platelet-rich plasma include potential improvement in ovarian quality and function, therefore increasing the success rates of fertility treatments. If we manage to increase the number of eggs extracted, we can obtain improved embryo selection. Compared to other therapies, the PRP technique stands out for being a well-tolerated treatment with few side effects, using the patient’s own biological resources, offering a more natural and personalized option in the field of reproductive medicine.

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