In Vitro Fertilisation for couples not residing in Barcelona

Published: 21 March 2017|Last updated: 30 November 2020|

Eugin, the world renowned assisted reproduction clinic and the largest in Europe, has at its disposal a vast team of experts in the field. As well as Spain’s current legislation on assisted reproduction, this is an ideal destination for all those international patients seeking to achieve pregnancy but who are unable to do so naturally.

For these reasons, since the clinic’s beginnings, we have received patients from different countries every day. We strive to improve our patients’ experience on a daily basis to ensure that they enjoy the utmost comfort and privacy in our facilities.

In addition, at Eugin we use all the advantages offered by today’s technology in order to avoid unnecessary travelling, such as a first visit via Skype. Whatever is convenient for the patient, we make it available to her, because we take care to ensure that her journey is as enjoyable as possible.

Let us now look in detail at the In Vitro Fertilisation process for couples who don’t live near Eugin:

This consultation allows us to direct the case and confirm the procedure to be applied (IVF or IVF-ICSI).

When it is not possible to visit in person, this consultation is carried out by means of a video conference after sending all the available information and complementary tests (mail, e-mail, fax) to EUGIN Clinic, where the most suitable procedure will be chosen.

Assessment of the partner’s sperm (seminogram): We always recommend freezing a sample, which is obtained in the clinic on the day of the first visit, or later if the first visit has been done telematically, and is kept frozen at EUGIN Clinic. This sample will be used for insemination or ICSI of the obtained eggs, in the event that fresh semen is not available for any reason.

The patient’s medication can be obtained in the couple’s home town or in Spain. It will be needed for the stimulation phase and EUGIN will provide a prescription, which should subsequently be prescribed by a local doctor if purchased in the country of residence.

The woman’s ovarian stimulation can start once the choice of technique, as well as the guidelines for cycle control and the plans for the visit to Barcelona are confirmed.

The treatment guidelines are coordinated via emails, phone or fax. The patient is required to inform the clinic about the start date of the treatment, so as to confirm with us the medicine that needs to be taken and the dosage. At the same time, EUGIN needs to be kept aware of the results of the patient’s follicular controls, which allows for better coordination of the procedure from Barcelona.

The couple will be informed about the estimated date of the follicular puncture so that they can prepare their visit to the clinic. If necessary, the last check-up can be carried out with us in Barcelona.

This includes the procedures needed to obtain the woman’s oocytes. On this day, the patient will have to go to EUGIN Clinic. Once the follicular aspiration has been carried out, she will be informed immediately of the number of oocytes retrieved, as well as their characteristics.

If fresh semen is used, the sample should be left on the same day.

It includes the laboratory processes for the selection of the oocytes obtained, the thawing and preparation of the semen and in vitro fertilisation by ICSI.

It is carried out in the EUGIN Clinic laboratory and the male partner’s semen or that of the sperm donor is used, which can be fresh or frozen, depending on the case.

The next day, the couple will be informed of the result of the fertilisation, namely the number of embryos available and the planned date for the transfer.

Laboratory embryo preparation, selection and transfer of embryos. Carried out between 2 and 5 days after fertilisation, depending on the case.

The couple come to EUGIN clinic and the transfer takes place in the transfer room, which is attached to the laboratory. Only the woman can be present.
The patient is discharged on the same day.

The non-transferred embryos (if available), depending on their development, will be frozen and may be used in a new cycle.

Now that we have seen the In Vitro Fertilisation process in more detail for patients who don’t live near Eugin, we hope that we have cleared up any doubts and questions you may have about it. Also, you can ask our experts about anything, as they are at your disposal to give you all the information you need.

For those who want to start fulfilling their dream of becoming a mother with us, we would like to invite you to ask for a first medical visit, either in person or by video call. You will then be given an appointment with one of our doctors to assess your case and start deciding on the best treatment for each of you.

At Eugin, we are excited to be part of your journey and to try to achieve this precious dream of motherhood with you.

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