10 things you can do after the transfer

Lead as normal a life as possible is the most advisable thing to do after an embryo transfer

10 things you can do after the transfer

These are the 15 most uncertain days of the process: after a transfer, you need to wait two weeks before taking the pregnancy test. And the women who live through this time are often beset by doubts: Can I lead a normal life? Do I have to rest? Here’s a list of ten things you can do during this time frame.

1. Lead a normal life: it is the number one rule. Just as a woman who wants to get pregnant naturally doesn’t make changes to her life, nor should the one who is undergoing assisted reproduction, either.

2. Do gentle physical exercise: the body needs to feel relaxed and doing swimming or going for walks will help you achieve it. Avoid impact or high-intensity sports, such as jogging or aerobics.

3. Bathe at the beach or in the pool: if your treatment involved follicular puncture, you will have to wait 7 days to swim. If not, you can swim at the beach or in the pool with complete peace of mind.

4. Keep the mind busy: the 15-day wait is necessary for the treatment to run its course and nothing else can be done to achieve pregnancy. So, it’s advisable to keep yourself amused to help deal with the uncertainty.

5. Seek out support: whether it’s from your partner or through your friendships, it will help you cope with the wait. Lean on them to talk about your fears and doubts: this is a very important moment in your life.

6. Eat well: a healthy and balanced diet is the most recommendable, not just during these days, but throughout the pregnancy. Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season on a daily basis and enjoying food also helps you feel good.

7. Go for walks: There is no problem with this; in fact, it’s a good way of keeping yourself amused, clears your mind and enables you to breathe in fresh air.

8. Work: unless your doctor does not recommend it, or you have to take sick leave (if you undergo treatment abroad), carry on with your job. It’s a way of keeping busy and of continuing with your normal day-to-day routine.

9. Relieve stress: with the method that works best for you, whether it involves attending yoga classes, taking valerian, Bach flowers or making a relaxing cup of herbal tea. If it suits you, do it: it’ll help you feel better.

10. Stay active: in the same way as it’s advisable to lead a normal life, it isn’t recommended to rest too much. The old belief that staying in bed helps you to get pregnant isn’t true. Imagine if you were trying to get pregnant naturally: would you stay in bed all day?


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