Why choose a fertility clinic

1. Know-how is key

Infertility can be caused by many different factors and treatments are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is important that you find a clinic that has already successfully treated cases similar to yours.
More than 15,000 patients from all over Europe have already trusted Eugin Clinic in their search for a solution to their infertility problems. We are experts in every treatment currently available.

2. Feel comfortable from day one

Infertility will challenge your emotions as well as those of your partner. You should feel comfortable with your medical team from day one, since it is very important when making important decisions.
We know how important it is to carefully listen to and help our patients at any given time. Infertility is not an illness but a situation provoked by one or more factors, and it now affects 1 in 6 women who decide to have a baby. Once you choose to move forward with EUGIN Clinic, you will be assigned an expert medical coordinator who will guide and help you through the process.

3. Find out about the chances of success of your treatment, and verify that this data is certified

Treatments evolve rapidly and techniques advance by leaps and bounds. Do not hesitate to learn more about the success rates of your particular treatment. You are entitled to know them. This information is very important. Make sure it is verified by a trustworthy independent entity.
Our statistics are higher than average and are based on a large number of cases. They accurately reflect the results of our last three years in operation. We increase the success rate for each treatment practically every month. Our data are regularly checked by Bureau Veritas.

4. Consider starting immediately

It is widely acknowledged that timing is the enemy when it comes to increasing the chances of getting pregnant as many of the causes of infertility are directly related to the age of the patient.
At Eugin Clinic there are no waiting lists so you can start your treatment immediately. By simply visiting our website and filling out a few details, you can get a free pre-diagnosis together with a no-obligation detailed estimate. Then, should you wish to proceed, we can schedule the first of just two visits to Barcelona.


5. Compare alternatives, it is worth it

As you are probably aware, IVF treatments are not cheap. This is due to the fact that both a large specialised team and very sophisticated technology are required. There is also the consideration of the availability of a donor which increases the final price. Nevertheless, if you have done your research, you will know that there are still huge differences between different clinics. At EUGIN Clinic we want you to be confident that you have all the necessary information prior to making your decision.

Eugin Clinic is the first and only European centre that offers an instant online estimate, free of charge and with no obligation. The estimate is valid for six months so you have time to consider your options.

6. Do not forget other related costs

When comparing costs, you should bear in mind travel and accommodation expenses. You should also take into consideration both yourself and your partner’s need to take time off. These additional costs need to be accounted for.

There are some centres that may require a stay of two or more weeks. Our programme is organized in such an efficient and convenient way that only two 1-day stays in Barcelona are required. This also limits any extra costs. We believe that all of our efforts and resources should be concentrated on the success of your particular treatment. At Eugin Clinic we are committed to you as an individual and not to fancy surroundings.

7. Your privacy is important

At Eugin Clinic we respect your right to confidentiality. Personal information is automatically protected by our confidentiality protocols as we are aware of the sensitive nature of the process you are enquiring about. Therefore, when contacting you, we will always respect your chosen method of communication.
We are aware that you may not wish to disclose or share this information with others for personal reasons. The fact that you only need to carry out two 1-day trips to Barcelona allows you the discretion of not having to explain long absences.

8. You are important

When talking about the best IVF centres the main difference is the way in which treatments are carried out. At some clinics you will have to adapt to a rigid and standardised schedule, while others will provide you with a more flexible treatment schedule that will suit your particular requirements.

At Eugin Clinic we wholeheartedly embrace the second approach. We adapt to your individual circumstances, personalising your treatment and our schedule to your needs. Also, for your added convenience, we are open 365 days a year.

9. Quality is the key

Quality assurance is imperative, involving complex procedures whereby everything has to be performed to the strictest quality standards. You should check that the centre you choose is concerned about quality and prioritise those that have been audited by a competent independent company, as is the case with Eugin Clinic.

Eugin Clinic is proud of the fact that it is the first European centre to have been awarded the total quality certification by the strict German company, TUV. This award includes ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management). In addition. All these standards are continuously updated.

10. Technology matters

In order to obtain the best possible results, IVF treatments require the use of the latest technology. You should check that your centre uses the most adequate equipment and the latest proven techniques.

At Eugin Clinic your treatment will benefit from the latest and best practice techniques. An example of this is that IMSI is currently used when needed.

11. Avoid language misunderstandings

Infertility will challenge your emotions as well as those of your partner. It is important that both you and your medical team share and understand your entire treatment. You should also be confident that we will ensure your treatment is carried out using the language you feel most comfortable with.

Every document and part of your treatment at Eugin Clinic will always be addressed in the language you choose: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, German, Russian or Chinese.

12. Trust specialists

An IVF treatment is a very complex procedure where every step must be precisely performed and coordinated. When deciding, you are advised to choose a centre where at least one specialist is in charge of every area.

We need all of our 200+ staff to ensure that each area is made up of a team of skilled professionals. As an example, should your treatment require a donor, a team of 25 Coordinators are fully dedicated to finding and caring for the donor who best matches your physical characteristics.

13. The law on your side

In Spain, Assisted Reproduction is regulated by specific and progressive legislation. The legal text authorises the compensation of a gamete donor. The law also recognises the right of a single woman to undergo any type of fertility treatment.

Spain has become a privileged destination for couples and women searching for IVF treatment who, for whatever reason, cannot be treated in their own country. Barcelona is a great option, not only because it is an easily accessible and convenient destination, but also because its cosmopolitan nature makes it easier to find a donor matching the recipient’s characteristics.

14. You deserve a personal and permanent contact

An assisted reproduction treatment requires continuous monitoring. Once started, the centre will monitor and carefully guide you through the different steps of the process whenever needed.

From the very moment you ask for a free pre-diagnosis and estimate you will be granted access to a secure personal area on our website, designed so that you can contact us in a safe and confidential way at any time. As soon as you become our patient, EUGIN Clinic will assign you a skilled coordinator who will help and guide you through the entire procedure, so that you receive the necessary help and support throughout your treatment.

15. International reputation is a plus

Though your particular IVF treatment may not directly benefit from international recognition, placing your trust in Eugin Clinic means that you are entrusting your fertility care to professionals who have already earned the respect of other skilled doctors.

Eugin Clinic is a benchmark centre in Europe. Not only is it a corporate member of the prestigious European Society of Human Reproduction ESHRE, but it also regularly publishes its findings in the most prestigious international medical journals.

Last Updated: September 2018