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The 5 advantages of Eugin’s groundbreaking EmbryoScope technology

In our latest publication we presented the groundbreaking technology that we have brought in at Eugin, the EmbryoScope + incubator. As there were so many of you asking for more information, today we will talk in more detail about the advantages of this technology.

What are the advantages of EmbryoScope +?

  • The culture conditions are kept constant because the embryos are inside the incubator and thanks to the camera that is recording, we avoid extracting the embryo to see how it is developing. Thus, its handling is reduced while maintaining optimum and stable temperature conditions, as well as the humidity, concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen that the embryo needs.
  • For embryo selection, the embryologist has more information and in addition to the morphology of the embryo, can assess the kinetic events that have occurred.
  • Incorporation of a complex algorithm. What differentiates this technology from the rest is that it includes a selection algorithm called KIDScore. This complex algorithm scores the embryos according to their maximum potential for transfer to the uterus by following and applying a series of sound criteria.
  • EmbryoScope+ is the latest technology currently available on the market. Any woman who wants to benefit from this technology and wishes to undergo in vitro fertilisation treatment, whether with her own eggs or with donor eggs, may opt to use EmbryoScope+, although its use is subject to the incubators being available, so our team will advise you about the best way at the time of your treatment.
  • You take home a tangible memory, an exciting video of the first hours of your baby-to-be. This video will be available in your Secure Personal Area, so you can relive it again and again and you will even have the possibility of downloading it to share it with your loved ones.

If you need more information and you are interested in this groundbreaking technology at Eugin, we recommend you request your first free-of-charge visit, where your doctor will explain how to obtain your baby’s first images with EmbryoScope+.

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