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It is a state-of-the-art incubator that represents a great improvement on the development of embryos in the laboratory, before transferring them to the mother-to-be.

According to a study carried out by the Eugin clinic among more than 200 patients, the probability of obtaining good quality embryos after using EmbyoScope+ increases with respect to the use of a conventional incubator.

In addition, the use of EmbryoScope+ during an in vitro fertilization treatment improves the patients’ experience, since it allows them to see the embryos throughout their development process, from the very first stages until they are ready to be transferred to the mother-to-be’s uterus.

What is it?

Built into this technology there is a microscope with a powerful camera that allows the uninterrupted monitoring of the embryo during its first hours of life. In this way, we can keep a close eye on the embryo, from the moment when the oocyte is inseminated and begins to divide into smaller and smaller cells, until it can be transferred to the uterus.



Better culture conditions: The first hours of the embryo’s evolution are key to its development. The incubator has a microscope that allows to observe it without handling it during that time. Thus, the embryo goes on with its evolution comfortably and safely. The environment in which the embryo develops (levels of oxygen, temperature and humidity) does not alter until the embryo is ready to be transferred.


All the necessary information to select the embryo with the best prognosis: We have more features to predict with greater precision which embryo has the best implantation prognosis. We obtain a larger number of good quality embryos.


Your baby’s first movie: On your mobile you can have the video showing your future baby’s first hours of development. Image capture is done with a camera built into the incubator. With time-lapse technology, you acquire a video of the first hours of the embryo’s progress.

Who is it for?

It can be used by all women who are undergoing an In Vitro Fertilization treatment, using their own or donor eggs. It will depend on the availability of incubators at that time in our clinic. You can see the images in your Personal Area.

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