The development of embryos in the woman’s own body (INVO) is one of the In Vitro Fertilisation techniques. The process works as follows: sperm and eggs are obtained to generate embryos and are placed in the INVO device, which in turn is inserted into the woman’s vagina where it will remain for two to three days. After the end of this period, the device is removed and the embryos are retrieved, which in turn will be transferred into the uterus of the mother-to-be.

The device allows the future mother to participate directly, and in person, in the development process of her own embryos.
It minimises external intervention during the embryo’s development, and in some cases, during fertilisation.

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We want to help you get pregnant, but we also want your experience throughout the whole process to be as positive and participatory as possible. It is with this goal in mind that at EUGIN we offer our patients the opportunity to use INVO, a device which allows the future mother to take part in the development of her own embryos (whether from her own eggs or those of a donor) inside her body.

INVO can be used for in vitro fertilisation –cycles, whether with one’s own eggs or donor eggs, and offers the same successful outcome as conventional treatments. The way it works is simple: once the necessary samples to generate embryos (sperm and oocytes) have been obtained, or once the eggs have been inseminated in the laboratory, the samples are placed in the device which in turn is inserted into the woman’s vagina, where it will remain for two to three days. During this time, the woman can lead a virtually normal life. All she needs to avoid is intercourse, taking baths, or flying during the days she is wearing it.

When fertilisation occurs, it will be the mum-to-be’s own heat that will provide the best conditions for the embryos to develop properly. Once they are ready, the physician will remove the INVO device from the woman’s vagina to retrieve the embryos, and then transfer them into her uterus, where they will be implanted in order to start developing.

A safe and effective device

The safety and effectiveness of INVO was presented at the latest congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), one of the major international authorities on assisted reproduction. At this important medical association’s last annual meeting several scientific papers were presented confirming it.

Last Updated: February 2018