5 tips to help you be prepared before follicular puncture

Follicular puncture is a brief intervention that lasts about twenty minutes and which is part of IVF treatment

5 tips to help you be prepared before follicular puncture

During an in vitro fertilisation treatment follicular puncture is the part of the process in which, after stimulation of the ovaries, we extract the eggs in order to fertilise them in the laboratory. This is a brief intervention that does not usually take more than 20 minutes, and which is done just before ovulation occurs. Below, we have answered some of the most common questions regarding puncture:

1. Will I be able to eat or drink before puncture? No, since it is necessary to arrive at the clinic having fasted, as with any surgical intervention. The specialists will warn you in advance, but bear in mind that you won’t be able to eat during the previous six hours.

2. Will I be able to do exercise? Yes, as long as it is moderate, such as going for a walk or going swimming. Once 24 hours have passed since puncture, you will also be able to keep doing this kind of exercise.

3. Will I be able to wear jewelry or perfume on the day of the puncture? No. It is important not to wear earrings or piercings, nor wear nail varnish or perfume. Also, we suggest that you go to the clinic in comfortable clothing.

4. Can I have sexual intercourse in the days prior to puncture? Yes, but keep in mind that after ovarian stimulation your ovaries are enlarged and for this reason it is possible that penetration may cause discomfort or be painful.

5. Can I have someone accompany me? Yes, and in fact it is recommended that you do so. After the puncture, you should stay for about two hours at the clinic for us to check that everything is correct before you leave for home, and it is advisable that someone accompanies you. It is also a good idea that you’re reachable for the following 24 hours, so that our medical team can contact you and make sure that you’re okay.

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