A whole medical team at your service

The joint effort of the medical professionals who work at Eugin enhances decision-taking in relation to diagnosing and treating patients

A whole medical team at your service

Six years after giving birth to their twins thanks to assisted reproductive therapy, a couple revisited Eugin Clinic with their children so that the doctor who made it possible for them to be born could explain the process to them. Anecdotes like this are quite common in the clinic, and are proof of the special relationship established between the Eugin staff and couples coming to the clinic in search of a solution.

When a woman visits Eugin Clinic, she is assigned one of the 24 doctors included in the team of assisted reproductive treatment specialists. That doctor will, of course, speak her language. As affirmed by the clinic director, Dr. Valérie Vernaeve, “one of the strengths of our clinic is that patients are always attended to in their own language without any intermediaries: that makes them feel at ease and allows them to freely express all their doubts”.

Work sessions as a team

The patient’s case will be monitored by more than one doctor during the work sessions organised by the clinic’s staff every week. “At Eugin the idea that a patient has only one doctor doesn’t exist”, says Dr. Vernaeve. During these meetings, the current cases are explained and the diagnoses are discussed. The work of all the doctors as a team leads to excellence in making decisions, since those decisions are made based on the consensus and validation of the whole team.

A whole medical team at your service

The medical team during a work session

The medical team of Eugin Clinic is formed by highly-qualified professionals with excellent technical skills and enormous emotional intelligence. “Our doctors know how to work as a team and share their experiences with other professionals”, says Dr. Vernaeve. “We have a team that is perfectly able to put themselves in the shoes of the patients”, she concludes. Proof of this is the training received regularly by the professionals, which includes courses that deal with emotional aspects and empathy.

A well-coordinated team

To support this medical team there are professionals from many different fields: andrologists, anaesthetists, gynaecologists and even a team of psychologists who are present during each phase of the treatment dispensed to the patient.
In turn, the team responsible for caring for the patient provides support for as long as necessary, including administrative formalities and medical attention by telephone, with four people tending to the patients 24 hours a day.

The Eugin Clinic has more than 200 professionals with widely-differing profiles who work together to support the patients during their treatment and make their path to motherhood as easy and pleasant as possible.

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