An extraordinary team

Here is a reproduction of a thank-you message from a French patient who recently visited Eugin Clinic

An extraordinary team

In June 2013 I was diagnosed as having ovarian failure with an FSH level of 22.5. The word “infertility” had a terrible effect on me and I was overcome by a feeling of injustice. My first thought was for my husband, who had been subjected to a situation that completely overwhelmed him.

In July 2013, I had taken my decision; to receive an egg donation at Eugin Clinic… simply because one of our friends had visited this clinic two years ago and has given birth to a wonderful little boy! She had received enormous hope and support!

In August 2013 we contacted the clinic to request a first visit in September. There was no delay and we were able to choose the date of that first visit.
In September 2013 we set out for Barcelona where we met the doctor and coordinators, who explained everything clearly, patiently and kindly in a precise and direct manner. The doctors were very clear about the options of success, as if we were fighting in unknown terrain, and that gave us hope! No medical language, just clear and precise communication in our own language, for which I was very grateful.

In October 2013, treatment was initiated with the inestimable support of the Eugin team.

At the beginning of November 2013, I received a telephone call, following which I packed my suitcase and left for Barcelona. Two embryos were transferred… followed by a difficult wait of 15 days before the blood test, but again the Clinic gave us its support… with the unfailing availability of the coordinators.

Two weeks after the transfer, I had a blood test at 7 in the morning and underwent a day of torture: the wait was more than my patience could stand… At 18.30h, the laboratory gave me the result in an envelope in person. My husband and I were on the verge of a nervous breakdown and overcome by anxiety… the time had come. I opened the envelope and as I did so a new horizon opened up in my life: I was pregnant and burst into tears of joy … an immense joy which I want to share with you… Like my friend did two years ago when she announced that the miracle of a new life had been born in her due to the splendid work of Eugin Clinic… please allow me to give you my heartfelt thanks!

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