An area just for you

We offer you a safe, virtual, confidential area where you will find information about your treatment and can settle any doubts you may have

An area just for you

Before commencing your treatment, it is important that you have access to all the information you need, to ensure your peace of mind and understand how it works. When you contact Eugin we will provide you with a virtual area that only you can access: your private area. There you will find customised information, depending on your personal situation and the treatment that we recommend. You can also contact our team at any time and settle any doubts you may have in the strictest confidence, at no charge.

To access your private area, when you enter the Eugin website, ask for an online prediagnosis which will take only a couple of minutes. This will help us recommend the assisted reproductive treatment that is best for you, based on your situation. After doing this, register in your private area and access your personal section.

We know that we are dealing with something that is very personal which will awaken your emotions, and possibly those of your partner. For this reason, we totally respect your privacy. You can rest assured that no-one but you will be able to access your private section.

You now have all the information available in your cell phone

For your comfort, if you wish you can access your Private Area Para using your cell phone. Through Eugin Assistant, a mobile application available for Apple and Android, you can access all the available options in the Private Area of the website. This allows you to ask for an appointment with our Clinic, contact our medical team or consult your messages directly from your cell phone.

If you prefer, you can also contact us by telephone (+34 93 322 11 22) or make a personal visit by arranging an appointment in our clinic.

You can download the application here:

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