At a time like this, you should feel good about yourself

There are few projects in life that are so life-affirming and exciting as having a baby. When the decision is beset by obstacles, you should feel positive about overcoming the hurdles

At a time like this, you should feel happy

Few people like having to use assisted reproductive therapy to have a child. For that reason, when this situation occurs, it is only natural to feel somewhat worried about the process.

Our experience in this field has shown us that during that initial stage, the most important thing is to have the necessary information available, ask questions and receive responses. This information will allow you to feel safer in order to face what is to come.

You can do it if you really want to

You have every right to know exactly what your options are and what your treatment consists of. Very few clinics like EUGIN offer this kind of transparency.

We think that everyone has the right to fight for their dream and if there is a possibility of making it come true, then we will support you. Our only limit is that when the treatment is started, there are more than six months to go before your 51st birthday.

A space just for you

One crucial aspect is your privacy. We are dealing an issue that is extremely personal which awakens everyone’s emotions; ours, yours and, depending on the case, those of your partner.

When you first establish contact with EUGIN, we offer you a free private virtual area in which you can obtain information and ask all the questions you want in complete confidence.

When you come and visit us, we will receive you in comfortable individual spaces, to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease that are not at all like the usual cold, impersonal waiting rooms.

To make sure that the male partner who must provide the semen specimen feels at ease when the time comes, EUGIN does its best to guarantee that this moment is experienced as something that is completely natural. Some of our patients want to be with their partners at that time.

Customised care

To allow you to continue to feel comfortable and attend to you at all times, you will be tended to by a small team of professionals which knows all the details of your situation. That way, you will not have to wait for a response.

Emotional support

At such an important time, emotions are usually running high. For this reason, if you think we can help you, EUGIN has a specialised team that will support you and listen to you with discretion whenever you want, before, during and after the treatment.

It’s important, so it must be special

One of the most thrilling times in the process is the transfer. We all experience this moment intensively. We want this to be a special moment in which you receive the support of our best professional specialists and are protected by all our security systems.

EUGIN believes that each patient is unique, and each one of our customers has shown us the importance of paying attention to detail. We feel very proud to use this experience in ensuring that your marvellous project meets with success.

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