Dear summer

We are entering the long-awaited summer solstice: an ideal time to recharge our batteries and continue on our journey towards fertility

With the arrival of summer our plans change. The warmth and good weather provides us with the opportunity to take more time off, go to the beach to relax and spend time together with your loved ones … And the fact is that the summer season is for the great majority the most anticipated of the year. It seems as if events, and on top of these, commitments, just multiply. Among them, you may find yourself at a family celebration or a gathering of friends full of babies, which you don’t feel like attending: don’t worry, it’s not the time to go to meetings that make you feel bad.

Make the most of the summer months to take a break, devote your time to recharging your batteries, and gather strength with your partner to move forward on your journey to fertility. It’s the ideal time for a change of scene, get away for a few days or perhaps start a new activity, such as a workshop. A good time to gain some perspective and spend time doing what you really want.

Preventing uncomfortable situations

If you are planning a short trip with your partner, and your friends know that you are trying to become parents, it is very likely that someone comes out with the hated cliché: “Are you are going on holiday? You’ll see that just when you relax and forget about everything related to it, you’re bound to get pregnant!”. It is difficult to respond to such comments, but don’t forget that both your friends and family are just trying to encourage you and are doing it with the best of intentions.

In short, take these months as a breathing space. If you need to talk to a specialist, remember that Eugin are at your disposal every day of the year so you can count on us whenever you need.

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