Double safe

Eugin Clinic is one of the few European centres which use the sophisticated IVF Witness safety system to eliminate any risk of confusion in identifying eggs, sperm and embryos

With the objective of achieving the highest standard of quality and safety, two years ago Eugin Clinic implemented the double safe IVF Witness system. It is the first centre in Spain and one of the first in Europe to use this technology.

The IVF Witness process performs exhaustive control and monitoring of our patients’ biological samples (eggs, sperm and embryos) during assisted reproductive treatment.

This system eliminates the slightest possibility of confusion in the process. In this way, next-generation technology is added to the convention safety circuits of Eugin Clinic —in which each sample is checked several times— to ensure even greater safety. This technology uses cards with a personal identification microchip and specific receptors.

Before starting the process, patients are given a personal identification card which will always be used to check their identity before the eggs are extracted and fertilised and the embryos are subsequently transferred to the womb.

The Eugin laboratory has receptors which verify the data independently during each phase and are able to detect any alteration in the protocol used to identify the samples, and interrupt the process if necessary.

Additional supervision by our professionals

The IVF Witness system control is performed in addition to the control carried out by the laboratory professionals. As previously done, before each sample is selected, two specialists from the laboratory make a visual check on the identity of each one. That way, each sample is supervised by the electronic IVF Witness system and also by two professionals from the laboratory, thus establishing a double safety barrier.

Guaranteeing peace of mind for our patients

“This double and triple check on the identity of the samples is performed during each phase of the process”, says Dr. Albert Obradors, embryologist and director of Eugin Clinic laboratory. “The objective is to achieve the maximum level of trust and quality in our patients and allow them to play a direct part in the process of identifying their samples”, he adds.

Implementing the sophisticated double safety IVF Witness system offers Eugin Clinic patients complete safety with respect to their identity during treatment, which helps them feel more relaxed during the entire process and allows them to focus on what is really important: the excitement of parenthood.

Double safe

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