Dr. Oriol Coll, cofounder and currently Chairman of EUGIN Clinic, is ranked among the best 150 doctors in the world, according to the publication ‘Capital’

“I appear in this classification as the representative of the Eugin project and this confirms that we are currently one of the best teams in Europe”

Dr. Oriol Coll, cofounder and currently Chairman of Eugin Clinic, is ranked among the best 150 doctors in the world, according to the publication ‘Capital’ 

This October, the prestigious French publication Capital has published a list of the 150 best French doctors, classified by their special fields. In addition, the three most prestigious foreign experts for each branch of medicine are also listed. The Assisted Reproduction and Fertility section includes one of the founders and current Chairman of Eugin Clinic: Dr. Oriol Coll. We spoke to him to find out what he thinks about this.

You are positioned as the number one foreign doctor in the Assisted Reproduction field. What was your reaction to this?
The truth is… I was absolutely amazed! For many years, since the clinic was first set up, I have had the privilege of representing Eugin as a researcher and entrepreneur at scientific congresses and events in many countries all over the world, including France. For many years I was the visible face of a project which has developed and evolved thanks to the tireless efforts of a great team of people who share the same philosophy and dedication. But I never thought our project could be so important! In this classification, I appear merely as a representative of the Eugin project, which confirms that we are currently one of the best teams in Europe.

Dr. Oriol Coll, cofounder and currently Chairman of Eugin Clinic

Dr. Oriol Coll

It’s certainly great news. What’s the secret?
Eugin’s secret is based on the rigorous, honest and continuous scientific work of a team which shares the same philosophy. Together with Dr. Mario Reverter, cofounder of Eugin, we created a new medical model focused on patients and their needs and not on the needs of the professionals or the Clinic. We were able to identify the talent of other professionals, train them and assign key functions to them and they have grown through this profoundly innovative philosophy. These new figures have not only continued with the work we started, but have also been able to continuously improve and innovate it.

Eugin is well known for getting the most from its staff, both the doctors and the rest of the team, and allowing development and personal betterment to bring benefits for everyone. The excellent medical results and enormous satisfaction of our patients simply reflect the success of this philosophy.

The Director of Eugin, Dr. Valérie Vernaeve, and the Managing Director, Andrés Rebage, were able to raise the fundaments of Eugin to their maximum height through focusing our efforts on customised service as our cornerstone.

You have witnessed the birth of this project. What do you think Eugin’s future will be?
Perhaps Dr. Valérie Vernaeve would be the right person to answer this question. As for me, well I not only see Eugin as a solid human team with no fissures, but also as a model of international reference that should be imitated and expanded. I think we will be able to continue extending our capacity to solve the fertility problems of our patients to every part of the world by constantly adapting to the needs and particular characteristics of each one of them. The continuous training, sensitivity and excellent scientific work of each member of our clinic’s staff have made it possible to undertake this marvellous and thrilling project!

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