Eugin brings together several of the leading specialists in assisted reproduction at the EBART 2021 International Congress

Published: 7 June 2021|Last updated: 11 June 2021|About Assisted Reproduction.|

As many of you are already aware, Eugin’s fertility and assisted reproduction clinics enjoy great prestige in the sector thanks to their clinical practices and also to the personal experiences that our patients share with us. To make all this possible, there are hundreds of professionals who work every day in a lesser-known area, which is, however, fundamental when it comes to continuing to offer our distinctive service and to the advancement of reproductive medicine: the work of research and scientific dissemination.

Thus, throughout the year, we at Eugin carry out numerous scientific research projects related to women and assisted reproduction and we also contribute to the dissemination of scientific studies conducted in different parts of the world that contribute to the advancement of key aspects of reproductive medicine. Recently, some of this research has been presented at one of the most outstanding scientific events in the sector, organised every two years by the Eugin Group and which brings together international specialists from different parts of the world, namely the EBART (Evidence-based Assisted Reproduction Technology) International Congress.

Notably, the third annual conference (EBART 2021) was held in February this year, with a line-up of renowned national and international speakers. Many highly relevant issues were addressed, including the work of Professor Anja Pinborg, a specialist in reproductive medicine at Copenhagen University Hospital (Denmark), who analysed how reproductive health can be used to predict future diseases.

According to Dr. Rita Vassena, Eugin Group’s scientific director and Conference co-chair, this “makes it possible to act in the field of preventive medicine and contribute to the improvement of the general health of the population, so we are very happy that such relevant scientific findings will be shared and discussed as part of the third annual EBART Conference”.

As well as this, EBART 2021 addressed other topics such as personalised ovarian stimulation in fertility treatments; different aspects related to egg donation, endometritis as a factor in reproduction and ways of impacting on the age of oocytes; factors to be taken into account with regard to assisted reproduction and the woman’s age; and issues related to reproduction and COVID-19.

As you can see, supporting research and dissemination is a top priority for Eugin. You can follow us on our blog and on our social media channels: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube.