Eugin Clinic gets closer to its patients and opens a Fertility Centre in Italy

After treating thousands of Italian women in the centre of Barcelona throughout its 15 years of professional experience, it is now opening in Modena

Eugin Clinic gets closer to its patients and opens a Fertility Centre in Italy


After 15 years of helping thousands of women from all over the world at its centre in Barcelona, Eugin Clinic has decided to go one step further and move closer to its Italian patients. As of this June, all those women who so wish, will be able to undergo their in vitro fertilisation and artificial insemination treatment at Eugin’s new facilities in Modena, in the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy.

Close by, same quality

Eugin Clinic in Modena will offer the same fertility treatments as it provides today in Barcelona in order to help couples who want to achieve their pregnancy in Italy. It will also be possible to undergo IVF treatment with egg donation, which has been allowed recently under Italian law. An option that has become possible thanks to Eugin’s vast capability as Europe’s leader in egg donation.

“It makes us happy to be able to get closer to the women we can help to achieve pregnancy,” explains Dr. Valerie Vernaeve, Eugin’s general medical director. “We aim to provide the highest quality in the easiest way for the woman who embarks on such an important project like that of motherhood,” she concludes.


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