Eugin Clinic presents its research at the ESHRE annual meeting, the leading European congress on assisted reproduction

The clinic’s scientific director, Dr. Rita Vassena, becomes a member of the Executive Committee of this prestigious institution

Eugin Clinic presents its research at the ESHRE annual meeting, the leading European congress on assisted reproduction


Last week, Lisbon played host to the 31st annual meeting of the ESHRE, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. During the gathering, which every year brings together hundreds of professionals in the field from all corners of the globe, Eugin Clinic participated actively and featured prominently by presenting its own studies and research, which were developed for the purpose of expanding their knowledge of fertility and to share these positive developments with all the professionals from the sector.

Oral presentations

Dr. Rodríguez and Dr. García, during the presentations at ESHRE

On the first day of the conference, Eugin’s medical director, Dr. Amelia Rodriguez, presented her paper entitled, Training of Assisted Reproduction nurses in 3D folliculometry and individualized learning, where she explained how they train the nurses who are in contact with patients during treatment.

Dr. Aida Pujol, who is a biologist at Eugin’s laboratory, presented for her part the paper entitled, Oxidative stress in sperm.


The presentation by Dr. Pujol, selected from among over one thousand proposals

In the third presentation by Eugin, Desiree Garcia of the Eugin Foundation, presented Tailored education Improves fertility knowledge and awareness: a randomized controlled trial, a paper which examines the knowledge that women of childbearing age have about their own fertility, following up on a first paper also presented at the same conference last year.

Admittance to the Executive Committee

On the final day of the congress, the ESHRE Assembly of members appointed Dr. Vassena as a member of its Executive Committee, which is an acknowledgment of her long career in the sector’s most distinguished international scientific and medical society. In fact, ESHRE counts among its founders Robert Edwards, Nobel Prize laureate, the founder himself of assisted reproduction, and in addition, it currently numbers thousands of members worldwide.


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