EUGIN CLINIC receives an award for patient wellbeing

The clinic has won the 2013 Flexible Business Award

EUGIN CLINIC receives an award for patient wellbeing

Cura te ipsum: heal yourself. This is the guiding principle of EUGIN and one of the reasons why our patients feel so at ease with us: because of our enormous concern for their wellbeing. Instead of issuing grandiose statements about our values, we strive every day to ensure that our personnel feel at home, so that they can pass on that state of mind to our patients.

The 2013 Flexible Business Award recognises the Clinic’s ongoing efforts in training about emotional intelligence and empathic skills, ensuring the conciliation of professional and family life or using activities that bring relaxation, such as yoga. All these activities seek to assure the wellbeing of our team and ensure it is transferred in our daily work.

The results are quite clear: responses such as “I feel very much at home” are the ones we most often receive when asking our patients about their experience in EUGIN. We feel very proud to have won this award and just as proud that we can share it every day with each of our patients.

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