Research: at Eugin we conduct studies on all the phases of pregnancy

Eugin conducts research with universities of Barcelona, Milan, Cardiff, Leeds and Ghent in order to gain better knowledge of fertility and help more women achieve their dream of motherhood.

Over the last fifteen years, Eugin has helped thousands of women worldwide become pregnant. At Eugin we are genuinely happy and proud to have been able to help these mothers, but we do not want to stop here. We are developing, in collaboration with prestigious universities worldwide, numerous research projects aimed at deepening our knowledge of fertility and assisted reproduction.

Eugin has published and continues working on numerous studies covering the whole pregnancy process. In this regard, the research carried out takes into consideration all the crucial stages involved in assisted reproduction treatment, from the time prior to fertilization through to embryo transfer, all of which is aimed at increasing our patients’ chances of conceiving.

Beyond pregnancy

We however, do not only restrict our work to pregnancy itself and for this reason we promote studies that also concern our patients’ emotional state: we want to know how they feel, how they experience this process so that we can make sure that we offer them the best possible support in order to make them feel at their best throughout the treatment.

Furthermore, our research also focuses on the health of children born through assisted reproduction techniques. Not only is their birth very important but so is growing up.

Collaboration with prestigious universities

In order to be able to build on some of this research, Eugin has its own laboratory at the prestigious University of Barcelona Science Park. Furthermore, with a view to carrying out its work with the utmost scientific rigor, the Eugin Foundation is also working with workgroups from well-known universities such as Università degli Studi of Milan, the University of Leeds, Cardiff University, Gent University and the University of Barcelona, thus providing its research with greater variety, richness and an enhanced international dimension.

Eugin is doing research for you throughout the entire pregnancy process

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Last Updated: January, 2016
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