Eugin participate as experts on male infertility at the 25th Annual Congress on Gynaecology and Obstetrics

The medical director, Dr. Amelia Rodriguez, and scientific director, Dr. Rita Vassena, speakers at the meeting held in Paris

Dr. Amelia Rodriguez, during her presentation on male infertility

On March 18, the Paris Congress Centre inaugurated the 25th annual Congress on Gynaecology and Obstetrics, a prestigious event attended by over two thousand health sector professionals from all over the world. At the meeting, which addressed different areas relating to women’s health, Eugin played a leading role in the presentations on infertility.

During the conference, which took place from March 18-20, renowned experts from the sector shared their knowledge and experience regarding medical specialties such as obstetrics, endocrinology, sexology, andrology or oncology, among others. One of the keynote interventions in the fertility field was made by Eugin Clinic, who took part in the area of expertise aimed at male infertility and in safety and risk limitation during treatment.

In her first talk, Dr. Amelia Rodriguez, medical director at Eugin, spoke about the role of age in male fertility. In her second presentation, she addressed the subject of safety in the embryology laboratory. Dr. Rita Vassena, Eugin’s scientific director, for her part, gave a talk on the influence of non-genetic factors on embryo development.

Patient Safety

Dr.Fleur Poisot, a member of the Eugin Clinic medical team, also took part in the event. She explained what the most advanced fertility treatments currently being used were and that ensure the patient’s safety by minimizing any risk during the ovarian stimulation process.

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