Eugin participates as a benchmark clinic at the 21st International Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility

In keeping with its longstanding commitment to scientific research, the centre has presented numerous studies of its own at the prestigious gathering

Last weekend, the city of Guilin, China, hosted the twenty-first International Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility (COGI), which was attended by over 500 doctors and experts in the field from all over the world. At the meeting, Eugin played a leading role by presenting numerous scientific papers of its own led by the medical director, Dr. Amelia Rodriguez and the scientific director, Dr. Rita Vassena.

During the congress, which took place from 7 to 10 May, renowned experts in the field shared their knowledge and experience on the application of procedures that enhance results in fertility treatments. All the above was aimed at establishing a common approach in the application of techniques and technologies such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, fertility preservation, and time-lapse embryo imaging, among others.

Fertility and use of techniques

In addition to giving several talks, both Dr. Rodriguez and Dr.Vassena played a prominent role in several panel discussions in the section devoted to fertility. Along with other experts, they addressed and discussed issues related to improving the quality and application of assisted reproduction techniques, in order to improve the implantation of embryos in IVF treatments, among others.

Improved understanding of endometriosis

This same weekend, Paris hosted the first meeting of the Society of Endometriosis and other Uterine disorders (SEUD, its acronym in English). The organization, which counts among its members distinguished representatives from the international scientific community, came into being with the aim of sharing and broadening knowledge of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polyps and other benign gynaecological pathologies that affect some women’s fertility.

Eugin was also present at this first gathering through the participation of its general medical director, Dr. Valerie Vernaeve. The doctor gave a presentation about her experience with women affected by endometriosis who use egg donation to achieve pregnancy.

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