Here at Eugin we are adapting to the situation by enhancing our video call channel

Given the situation we are currently experiencing and the limitations we are facing when leaving our homes, we at Eugin have enhanced a channel that was already available to us in order to carry on with our work: the video call for all first-time medical visits.

Throughout our 20-plus years of experience, we have treated thousands of patients from a distance, all with the same warmth and professionalism. In this first consultation, a specialist in assisted reproduction will attend you by video conference, just as they would do in person, checking your medical history and clearing up any doubts you may have and all from home.

What does the first medical visit at Eugin include?

  • Assessment of medical tests provided
  • Evaluation of your partner’s seminogram if you send us the report
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Customised advice from the Eugin team

We at Eugin are always by your side and we guarantee quality care through all our channels until face-to-face visits are possible.

If you would like to request your first medical appointment, please fill in this form, and we will be more than happy to attend to you.

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