In the last seven months, Eugin has safely carried out 3,000 assisted reproduction treatments

The unexpected arrival of COVID-19 has led to enormous pressure on health centres in our country since March.

When it comes to fertility treatments, we are well aware that in the last nine months many people have wanted to take the first steps towards their dream of becoming parents through assisted reproduction treatments.

As time is a crucial factor for these patients, we have worked intensely and with great responsibility to meet the needs of those who have chosen us on this journey. In fact, after resuming our work at the end of April, following a period of home confinement, we have already carried out more than 3,000 treatments at Eugin and in many of them we have been able to confirm a pregnancy. And this, of course, was done with absolute safety for our patients and with no waiting list whatsoever.

All these good results have been possible thanks to the work we have done (and continue to do) in three main areas:

1. In-person care using strict safety protocols

Following the first months of the pandemic, we resumed in-person treatments from 27 April, thanks to the specific protocol developed for our clinics that allows us to continue with the treatments in a totally safe way for our patients. At present, the Barcelona and Madrid clinics are open during normal opening hours and attend to patients as usual, whether from Spain or abroad, while ensuring that all relevant safety measures are in place.

2. We have enhanced our online care service

We have also strongly promoted our online care service during these last few months for those appointments that do not require physical attendance. We have 24/7 open communication channels for our patients through their secure personal areas on the website and, in addition, our experts provide video-conferencing support whenever possible in order to minimise travelling.

3. Research support in the field of assisted reproduction as well as COVID

One of Eugin’s differentiating and most powerful features is our involvement in the fields of fertility and assisted reproduction research. In addition, we have opened up lines of research related to COVID-19. In fact, on October 1st, Eugin published a pioneering international research paper in the scientific journal Human Reproduction, which found that the eggs of women who tested positive for COVID-19 do not contain the virus, which means that there would be no vertical maternal-foetal infection through the eggs. This, according to our scientific director, Rita Vassena, “is very good news for our patients and is a very significant finding at a clinical level, as it allows us to adjust the protocols and procedures of healthcare personnel in IVF clinics and helps us to advise our patients on their treatment in situations such as this”.

As we always say, our patients’ health is our number one priority, so if you have any queries, just contact us to clear them up. We are available for you seven days a week on our website contact channel.

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