How long should I wait before I start a new treatment?

The waiting time between one attempt and the next depends on the treatment followed. Your doctor will inform you about the best time

How long should I wait before I start a new treatment?

Sometimes it takes a long time to become pregnant and it is necessary to undergo assisted reproductive treatment more than once in order to do so. Once a beta negative result is known, some women decide to try again but they are not sure how long they should wait before doing this. The response is different in each case, since the treatment followed previously –artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilisation – is what determines the waiting time.

Once you have decided you want to try again, the first thing to do is to talk to your doctor. He will know your medical history and help settle any doubts you may have. Depending on your case, and with his help, you can decide on the right time to make another attempt to get pregnant.

After artificial insemination

In the event of a woman having previously had artificial insemination treatment without becoming pregnant, she can try the treatment again during her next cycle. However, it is advisable to have a basal ultrasound scan first.

The basal ultrasound scan is performed at the start of the monthly cycle between day one and three of the cycle. This scan makes a detailed examination of the antral follicles –the structures that house the egg inside them in which the eggs start to develop- present in the ovaries. By performing this test the doctor will ensure that the woman’s uterus has no follicles remaining from the previous cycle and in this case, this will be the right time to start the treatment again.

After in-vitro fertilisation

After having in-vitro fertilisation treatment, the waiting time is slightly longer. Following a negative beta result it is necessary to wait for the ovaries to return to normal after the follicular puncture. Generally speaking, two to three menstrual cycles must pass. After this time, another attempt can be made.

In the event of a positive beta result followed by a miscarriage, it is necessary to let two or three cycles pass before trying again.

However, after in-vitro fertilisation treatment and an egg donation, the waiting time will be shorter. Following the negative beta result and after your menstrual cycle has started, you can start the endometrial preparation treatment again.

If you have any doubts about your treatment or need a personal response, please contact us. Our patient care team will be only too pleased to help you.

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