Maximum safety in the preservation of eggs, embryos and sperm

A feature of EUGIN Clinic is its advanced protocols to eliminate any risk that may alter the state of the frozen samples

Something as precious, valuable and intimate as one’s eggs, embryos or sperm require the highest safety conditions for their preservation. In our laboratory, it is crucial that the samples are always preserved at the same temperature so that at a future date, when they are thawed, their properties remain intact.

The protagonists of our frozen sperm, oocytes and embryos are the nitrogen tanks, which are responsible for preserving up to 30,000 samples at a temperature of -195.8 ºC. A simple change in their functioning could affect the quality of the samples. To eliminate any risk, these devices are equipped with rigorous security systems automatically regulating the temperature at which the samples are preserved.

We know at all times the exact amount of nitrogen in the tanks and this in turn ensures that it is maintained at the proper temperature. If any change occurs, an alarm is triggered. “This warning allows us to act extremely quickly,” explains Dr. Albert Obradors, the person in charge of Eugin’s laboratory. In a situation like this, the staff go to the lab, whatever the time, to check that everything is working perfectly. “In 99% of cases, these are false alarms,” says Dr. Obradors.

The tanks have automated action protocols in case the slightest variation in temperature occurs

Although the responsiveness of Eugin’s technicians is quick, the tanks have automated action protocols in case the slightest variation in temperature occurs. These containers can use up to 150 litres of nitrogen, which is stored in reserve tanks, and in this way can self-regulate their temperature. In addition, they can obtain more nitrogen from a large reserve tank that stores 1,000 litres.

“As everything is automated, human error is avoided”, says Dr. Obradors. Prevention procedures like these are fundamental to Eugin being able to provide a quality service and which are, above all, 100% safe.

Ironclad electrical system

The safety measures do not end here. Just as a hospital requires the latest technology to ensure the electricity supply in case of blackouts or other power failures, our laboratory meets the highest safety protocols to prevent a power failure that might otherwise affect our freezing devices and alter the samples.

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