Now is the right time, I don’t want to wait any longer

Once the decision to start the treatment has been taken there is no time to waste. For that reason, there are no waiting lists at Eugin

Now is the right time, I don’t want to wait any longer

Starting Assisted Reproductive treatment is no easy task. Once the decision has been taken, it is quite usual for the women to want to contact her doctor as soon as possible, in order to initiate treatment without delay. In this respect, problems such as long waiting lists before being able to arrange an appointment give rise to doubts, concern and anxiety.

Eugin Clinic is well aware that this occurs all too often. For that reason we have achieved what seemed impossible: eliminating waiting lists and offering our patients the chance to start treatment as soon as possible.

Speed throughout the whole process

As soon as a woman considers she is ready to start treatment, she can make her first appointment quickly and easily, even on weekends. What is more, all the necessary medical tests can be arranged the same day in our centre, if possible, to avoid additional visits and inconvenience. This is done to make the patient feel at ease, giving her the peace of mind of knowing that an experienced team of professionals will take care of everything. All she needs to do is focus on her greatest priority; that of being a mother.

Many of our patients live outside Barcelona, and for that reason our medical and patient care team provides support and supervises the treatment in full, maintaining permanent contact with the patient and her regular gynaecologist.

No waiting in the Clinic either

Once in the clinic, it is important for the patient to feel as comfortable as possible. On her arrival, everything is in place and she has a private, fully equipped space in which to relax before seeing her doctor or undergoing the tests.

Our main priority is to ensure the wellbeing of our patients, for we consider that the method used to achieve the result is just as important as the result itself.

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