An ‘online’ pre-diagnostic service at your disposal

Eugin offers free access to a complete information tool that provides guidance on their particular case to women who have not managed to get pregnant

An 'online' pre-diagnostic service at your disposal

Information is key for women who want to be mothers, and even more so for those who find they are having some trouble conceiving. Given the large number of questions, doubts and concerns that appear at times like this, it is very important to make all the necessary information available to enable them to deal with a process of assisted reproduction with peace of mind and confidence.

With the aim of attending the women who find themselves in this situation-even when they still don’t know whether or not they will need to undergo treatment – Eugin Clinic offers through its website a pre-diagnostic tool and fertility treatment cost estimate completely free of charge and under no obligation. Eugin was the first clinic to offer this possibility in Spain and was one of the first in Europe.

In just five minutes, this online tool provides personalised guidance. The procedure is very simple: you just need to access the webpage After answering a simple questionnaire that includes questions related to your age and any possible history of infertility, among other aspects – you can obtain details about the most suitable treatment or treatments in each particular case, the chances of pregnancy involved and the cost of the treatment, with a detailed, non-binding cost estimate.


Eugin Clinic has already conducted more than 50,000 online pre-diagnoses worldwide. “With greater and better preliminary information, the people who come to the clinic seeking solutions do so with less anxiety and more confidence,” explains Dr. Amelia Rodriguez, Eugin’s medical director. “All this is very helpful in the subsequent development of the appropriate treatment” she says.

Now you know, if you wish to find out what situation you find yourself in before arranging a visit, you can do it online, without any cost and under no obligation. And, of course, with the guarantee of one of Europe’s leading fertility centres.


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