Peace and calm in order to think

Assisted reproductive therapies are very likely to result in a pregnancy. In the event of this not happening, it is best to take time to assimilate this fact and reflect on it

Peace and calm in order to think

There is no medical treatment that will guarantee success, not even assisted reproduction. Sometimes, the desired pregnancy takes longer than expected, and for that reason a woman may have to deal with a result that she does not want. This occurs in some cases, and for this reason it is important for the woman to be able to stop, think and take all time she needs before deciding on the next course of action and planning a new attempt.

Both the woman and her partner devote a great deal of effort and illusion to this project, and they are firmly convinced that they will soon achieve their desired objective. This is positive: the decision to start a treatment of this type is an important step forward in itself.

There is a possibility that the pregnancy will not occur at the expected time, and in this case it is likely that the woman will feel frustrated and worried; when this occurs, she will be overcome with doubt. It is also normal to feel discouraged when one’s expectations are not met the first time around.

In this case, experts say it is best to stop and take stock of the situation from a distance, and assume that time is needed to assimilate the news calmly and peacefully. It is not the right time to take certain decisions.

Time is a valuable element

“This may sound like a cliché, but time helps a person see things more clearly”, says Laura Venereo, psychologist at Eugin Clinic. “A decision that has been carefully thought out and taken in person will be easier to accept in the future”, she affirms.

Sometimes, when the Eugin psychologists recommend their patients to take their time, they receive responses such as “I don’t have enough time, time is precisely what I don’t have!” or “I’ve been waiting for so long, with every month that passes I feel it is more and more difficult to get pregnant, I can’t stop how”. According to the psychologists, “Each person is different; some women may need several weeks to think about her future, and others will see things clearly in a couple of days”. “We help these women decide when to take that decision peacefully and calmly”.

Before deciding whether or not to continue the treatment, experts recommend considering one’s feelings. “It is true that taking a decision is the result of our reasoning capacity, but we should also stop and take heed of our feelings”, says the Eugin psychologist Dolors Cirera. “The best option is to find a time when reason and sentiments are in tune”, she concludes.

As well as trying to find time to think in order to decide without haste, it is also advisable to seek expert advice: assisted reproduction specialists can help us take the best decision during this process.

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