Your Personal Area, more intuitive than ever

We have revamped your Personal Area so that at Eugin you feel as comfortable and safe as possible

What is the Eugin Personal Area?

The Personal Area of the Eugin website is a personal and confidential virtual space where you will find information about your treatment and where you can raise any questions and concerns. In order to gain access, you will first have to complete an online pre-diagnosis that won’t take more than two minutes and which will help us recommend the assisted reproduction treatment that best suits your situation. After finishing it, you can register in your Personal Area and access your personal and confidential space.

What are the innovations?

As with the Eugin website, we have revamped and refreshed the image of your Secure Personal Area. The design is much fresher and more intuitive, which will help you feel comfortable reading and looking for information about your treatment. In addition, the first section at your disposal is that of Messages and here you can contact our team at any time and raise your concerns completely confidentially and free of charge.

Also, we have thought of those women who increasingly use mobile devices to enter our Personal Area so now, no matter which device you use to look at it, the information is 100% adapted to your screen, so you won’t have any problems correctly viewing the content of this section.

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