A test to protect the health of the future baby

Genetic disease testing enables us to detect whether either parent is a carrier of a disease and thus reduce the risk of transmission to their unborn children

A test to protect the health of the future baby

If both members of a couple are healthy carriers of a genetic disease, there is a 25% chance that their child will develop the disease. In order to protect the future baby’s health, Eugin Clinic offers its patients a genetic disease screening test that enables them to identify these pathologies.

Cystic fibrosis, fragile X syndrome, or muscle atrophy are rare and highly uncommon genetic diseases, which have a poor prognosis in children. Thanks to modern medicine, it is now possible to prevent its occurrence. By means of the genetic disease screening test, couples who are going to start assisted reproduction treatment at Eugin Clinic can find out about what their chances are of passing on a genetic disease to their future baby.

The test can detect over 200 kinds of genetic diseases that parents could pass on to their children unknowingly, as the carrier of an altered gene can transmit that disease but may never develop it: this is what is known as being a “healthy carrier”.

Results in 4 weeks

Portadores cast.aiThe screening is a simple test performed by means of a blood test, the results of which are available within three to four weeks. If it detects that both parents have the same altered gene, there is a 25% chance that the baby may develop a genetic disease. To minimize this risk, the specialist will recommend what assisted reproduction treatment is most appropriate according to their situation.

At Eugin, we are as concerned about the health of the future mum as that of the future baby, which is why we put all the means at our disposal to ensure that the whole process is as healthy as possible.

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