Your treatment in Barcelona: an easy trip to organise

We suggest two travel alternatives so that you may choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you have any doubts, our patient care team can help you.


“Patients who choose to undergo their treatment at Eugin Clinic rate highly their trip to Barcelona, a city which they find beautiful, modern and with a good, reliable transport system,” says psychologist Cristina Rico, accustomed to receiving the impressions of patients during their stay in the city. Before making a start you have to organise the trip, and to make it easy for you Eugin offers you two alternatives so that you can choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you have any doubts, our patient care team will help you clear them up.

Christelle Berenbach heads the patient care team: “Our entire team is multilingual, tending to patients in their language,” she explains. “We are well used to clearing up any doubts related to accommodation, paperwork, or the trip itself. In addition, by accessing their secure personal area patients will find a range of information on accommodation and transportation” she says.

Fully aware of the fact that the trips are an added cost that may be very important, we do everything possible to reduce this to the minimum by suggesting two alternatives to undergo your assisted reproduction treatment: two short trips, or just one of variable duration.

Treatment in two short trips

If you live relatively close to Barcelona, you can organize your treatment with two clinic visits. You can schedule trips every day of the week, weekends included. On the first trip, your partner will have to accompany you and your doctor will confirm your diagnosis. In addition, we will conduct the necessary tests, obtain the sample from your partner, and you will sign the relevant documents.

On the second trip your treatment will come to an end. Depending on your case, this trip can last from 1-5 days. Also, depending on your case, your partner’s presence will be required. When you leave the clinic you’ll be able to lead a completely normal life.

A single trip

If your hometown is far from Barcelona and the trip is very expensive, this may be a good option. Depending on your case and the treatment you undergo, the stay may vary from between 15 days to about a month. Should you require a visa, bear in mind the possibility that your trip may last longer depending on your case and the treatment you are having.

Remember that your entire treatment follow-up is done in a comfortable, secure way, and in complete privacy, through your secure personal area on our website, which has been specifically designed for this purpose.

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