Visit to the Eugin Barcelona clinic

In search of Eugin’s magic wand. The one that transforms dreams into reality

While enjoying a family weekend in Barcelona, I take advantage of my stay in the Catalan capital to visit the Eugin clinic. A few years ago, I was walking through the doors of a fertility clinic for the first time, desperately seeking treatment to help me have a baby; on that day, I entered with the firm intention of discovering where Eugin’s magic wand was hidden, the very same one that for years has transformed sadness into happiness and dreams into reality for thousands of couples! Eugin has modern facilities, with pleasant and well-matched furniture and colours. You are greeted by smiles wherever you go, and in no time, I let myself get carried away by the human warmth that emanates from the whole team; a team of 300 highly competent and efficient professionals, who are both attentive and totally dedicated, as well as committed to excellence in treatment and results.

Eugin means total respect for privacy, with individual waiting rooms equipped with tablets connected to surf the Internet. Also, you have at your disposal a mini-bar, books and magazines. It is a moment of peace and tranquillity in the midst of a process which, as is perfectly understandable, stresses you a little.

Eugin is made up of gynaecologists, coordinators and nurses who, of course, will take care of you, but it also comprises biologists who, with skill and humility, patience and delicacy, behind the scenes, will take care of your embryos as the treasure which they will soon become. As well as this, Eugin is an embryology laboratory that is extremely safe and equipped with cutting-edge technology, probably one of the most advanced in Europe, if not the world. Thus, the identity control system “IVF Witness” eliminates any risk of error during the handling of the gametes. Each patient is assigned a unique personal code. Thanks to this system, each sample of gametes is identified by means of this code throughout the entire handling process. In this way, gametes and embryos have a fail-safe traceability, in addition to triggering an alarm in the event of an anomaly being detected during the process. Thanks to this fully automated system, human error is completely excluded. Thanks to this system, the quality and safety of the whole protocol are guaranteed, as well as your role as parents.

Eugin is a clinic that can receive patients from all over Europe, thanks to its team of translators and interpreters who can accompany you if you wish in your native language from the moment you arrive until when you leave.

I returned excited, delighted and absolutely amazed by the technology and techniques that assisted reproduction medicine requires, which are indispensable for quality work in which nothing can be left to chance so that an embryo may take on a life of its own thanks to the work of the whole invisible team and become the most beautiful of stories to experience and tell others about…

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We at Eugin continue to be there for you