In vitro fertilisation using your own eggs and donor sperm, step by step

We tell you how this laboratory technique is done, allowing your eggs to be fertilised with sperm from a donor

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) using your own eggs and sperm from a donor is an assisted reproduction technique carried out in the laboratory that involves selecting the eggs retrieved from your ovaries that are in the most optimum conditions and fertilising them with sperm from an anonymous donor. After fertilisation, the egg becomes a pre-embryo and is transferred to your uterus to continue its development there.

This technique requires a prior check-up and stimulation of the ovaries. The transfer of the pre-embryos to the uterus is a procedure that requires no anaesthesia.

In this infographic we explain in greater detail what is involved in the IVF process using your own eggs and sperm from a donor.

IVF using your own eggs and donor sperm
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