Your opinion helps us improve

All our patients fill in customer satisfaction surveys, which we analyse in detail in order to continue improving every day

Your opinion helps us improve

Your opinion is of utmost importance to us. At EUGIN, we want you to feel at ease and we are always looking for new ways of doing so. It’s for that reason we ask all our patients to fill in a customer satisfaction survey. The survey helps us evaluate every stage of the treatment.

This evaluation is vital: our patients’ opinions and suggestions are analyzed in detail by our Quality Control committee. At meetings, they closely evaluate our patient’s levels of satisfaction, complaints and suggestions in order to take immediate action and continue making improvements.

This is how we find out that what patients most value is the service they receive from the whole team and the discretion that is maintained throughout their treatment. We are very proud of the fact that the majority of our patients recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

Monitoring our patients’ feedback on how we meet their needs also helps us fulfill the criteria set by ISO 9001 –an international quality control benchmark which Eugin has voluntarily adhered to since 2005.

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