5 activities to reduce stress during treatment

It’s very important to have the resources that can help deal with those moments of anxiety that may arise throughout the process

5 activities to reduce stress during treatment

You’ve just started assisted reproduction treatment after many months of trying to get pregnant. You’ve put yourself in the hands of specialists in order to leave that phase behind you, which wore you out so much emotionally, and now you are entering this new stage with enthusiasm and renewed energy.

Even if your attitude is excellent, you should also be aware that during your treatment there will be changes in your routines as well as those of your partner (such as medical visits and tests, for example), which may be accompanied by some degree of stress. To help you successfully come through the roller coaster of emotions which this whole process involves, Eugin Clinic psychologists, Laura Venereo and Cristina Rico, recommend some really useful activities to deal with those anxious moments:

1. Yoga: This ancient discipline is ideal for putting you in touch with your body, which is different to what you are used to. Stretching the regions most affected by stress is very helpful for a better understanding of the body, especially when you suffer some kind of discomfort. The benefits of yoga are many and varied: it increases muscle tone and flexibility, reduces physical pain and stimulates blood circulation.

2. Sport: solo or accompanied, regular physical activity is ideal for releasing accumulated tension and for strengthening the body. It also reduces the feeling of fatigue and facilitates the maintenance of a fulfilling sex life. With a little daily exercise, you’ll feel more comfortable with your image and more cheerful. You already know, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, never goes out of fashion.

3. Relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques: apart from yoga, you will find more techniques aimed at achieving a state of peace, calm and serenity. Take time to listen and look inside yourself as it will help you get closer to that longed-for inner balance.

4. Outdoor activities: Don’t underestimate the therapeutic effects of contact with nature. Taking a walk or hike with your partner or friends will make you feel full of energy. If you can afford a weekend getaway, even better.

5. Leisure: Make room for the opportunity to share moments with friends, those which you’ll later remember with a smile on your face. And don’t forget the cultural range of activities you have close at hand. Have fun! Occasionally taking a break from your motherhood project will help you.

As the psychologists Laura Venereo and Cristina Rico explain, “all these recommendations allow us to fulfil ourselves in other areas of our life and to make us realize that we can achieve wellbeing through different facets or roles, not just through the role of mother”.

Feeling stress during treatment is something natural that shouldn’t cause alarm. It is advisable to try to look for resources, such as the activities suggested, which help you to go through the process of starting a family with serenity and optimism. If you still find it difficult to cope with the situation, it is always advisable to seek the support of a professional.


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