The truth about the odds of getting pregnant with fertility treatment

Verified success rates

The truth about the odds of getting pregnant with fertility treatment


When choosing an Assisted Reproduction Centre, one of the first details to attract our attention is the so-called success rate: The likelihood of pregnancy offered for a specific treatment.

Indeed, it is one of the pieces of information that should be of most importance to us. And therefore, we will want to ensure that these figures correspond to reality. In other words, that they have been verified by a trustworthy organisation.

The mere fact that a centre takes this point seriously tells us a lot about its quality criteria, and above all, about the importance it attaches to providing its patients with reliable and proven information.

“Medicine is not a mysterious science. At Eugin we are convinced that the woman and her partner have the right to make their decisions based on reliable, transparent and real data”. These are the words of Dr. Valérie Vernaeve, Clinical Director. “For this reason, the odds of pregnancy we offer are validated by TÜV, the prestigious German certification provider” she says. “Few centres take the time to verify their information. We believe it is vital that the patient can compare results in an easy way, through accurate information”, she says.

The high pregnancy rates that we make available to you on our website are based on over 15 years’ experience, with thousands of women like you, who we have also helped achieve their dream.

In our information you’ll find both the results of the average of our current patients, as well as the maximum likelihood obtained in our centre, which will enable you to get a good idea.

Incredibly, in some centres they do not accept what they consider to be “difficult cases” for fear that may affect their statistics.

At EUGIN, we study your case and we explain clearly your real chances of pregnancy. However remote they may seem at first, if it’s what you really want, we will always help you, just as we have done with thousands of women who had lost hope.

You are the one in control

We know that you are taking an important decision, we see it every day. And as with any other human choice, we believe it is essential that you have all the necessary information at your disposal and which has also been verified, so that you can decide calmly and confidently.

At EUGIN you’ll only be in for positive surprises. On our website, you can make your own pre-diagnosis free of charge, we inform you precisely as to the time you need to undergo your treatment so that you can plan ahead, and of course we provide you with a non-binding fixed quote that includes everything you need.

Direct communication

At Eugin, you always have a direct line to your team, who will accompany you throughout your treatment. To do this, you have a secure and confidential personal area, which is also accessible from your mobile phone. Within that space, you can control how every phase of your treatment is progressing.

“Our obsession is always to put ourselves in the patient’s shoes: each and every one of them is unique. That’s why we offer complete transparency, security and confidentiality, as well as our emotional support during the entire process”, concludes Dr. Vernaeve.


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