A second chance

Having a child after having tubal ligation or a vasectomy is possible thanks to assisted reproduction

A second chance

Sometimes we make decisions thinking that they will be final and that we will never want to turn back. However, some time afterwards, we realise that what, at the time, we had considered unthinkable –in this case, having another child– is today a firm desire.

This situation is more frequent than we would imagine, because personal and family circumstances change over time. Thanks to assisted reproduction, having had a vasectomy or tubal ligation does not imply an impediment to becoming parents again.

The woman’s age, a key factor

Women who in the past had tubal ligation usually choose in vitro fecundation as treatment when they decide to become mothers again. The woman’s age is a key factor for success in this assisted reproduction technique. Therefore, once the decision has been taken, it is very important not to delay it.

As well as in vitro fecundation, women have the option of tubal repermeabilization. Via this surgical technique it is possible to once again facilitate the passage of spermatozoids towards the egg to achieve a natural pregnancy. However, it is a complicated surgical process and it is not always fully guaranteed. Therefore it is essentially indicated for young women, as there is enough time later on to consider assisted reproduction techniques with good chances of achieving pregnancy.

Two alternatives for men

As for men, if they have had a vasectomy, they have two therapeutic alternatives for becoming a father. When the woman is over 35 years old, the most recommended treatment is in vitro fecundation with ICSI and spermatozoids obtained directly from the testicles.

If the man wants to have more than one child, the microsurgery that repairs the duct through which the semen flows can be a good alternative. Particularly if the woman is young enough to foresee that her fertility can still be conserved for a few years.

At any event, the most recommended approach is to consult each particular case with a specialist in assisted reproduction, who will advise us on whether a surgical operation is more convenient, or an assisted reproduction technique, or both.

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