What to do in the event of ‘sterility of unknown origin’?

Couples with this diagnosis have exactly the same chances of conceiving with assisted reproduction as couples with a known cause of sterility


Two in every ten couples who have undergone a basic infertility test are diagnosed with sterility of unknown origin. This is the name given to cases in which, following a series of tests to detect irregularities in fertility, the results are apparently normal. Consequently, although the difficulty in becoming pregnant is quite clear, it is not possible in medical terms to determine the factor responsible for this.

Faced with this situation, one must be optimistic and not lose hope. There are important reasons for this, since couples with sterility of unknown origin have exactly the same chances of conceiving with assisted reproductive technology as couples with a known cause of sterility. This has been proved in many studies and through our wide experience in the reproductive field.

Age and the infertility time are key factors
For this reason, certain factors are evaluated, including decisive factors such as the woman’s age and the time that has passed without her managing to conceive. All this will help define the most appropriate technique, and either Artificial Insemination or In Vitro Fertilisation techniques can be used. The latter is more advisable —in all cases after conducting an individual study— especially in couples who have been trying to conceive for more than 2 years and in which the woman is aged over 35.

Reasons for hope
In addition to helping couples to conceive, assisted reproductive technology offers them valuable information about the cause of their sterility. While the basic infertility study analyses the variables at rest, assisted reproductive techniques have an effect on the ovaries and sperm which is similar to that of stress tests. Thanks to these tests, it is possible to detect hidden pathologies or alterations that explain why it is difficult to become pregnant.

Once a diagnosis of the sterility of unknown origin has been established, there is no need for any woman to think that her dream of becoming a mother has ended; all she needs to do is find another way.

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