“Being able to get pregnant through egg donation gave both of us enormous hope”

Helene and Sèbastien, the parents of twins resulting from fertility treatment, tell us about their experience at Eugin

“Being able to get pregnant through egg donation gave both of us enormous hope”


Helene and Sebastien * have been parents for less than a year. Following their visit to Eugin Clinic, they now have twins, who we are assured, make them “lose all track of time.” Meanwhile, they wanted to share with us their personal experience throughout the entire process.

What is your assessment of the whole process surrounding the treatment and which ended with the birth of your children?

Today, seeing our twins grow up, we cannot believe that something like this has been so easy: Having two babies and in addition, experiencing an ideal pregnancy!

Emotions often play a key role during a process of this type. Was it like that for you?

Fortunately for us, everything was made clear from the beginning, which allowed us to feel calm during the treatment. The Eugin doctors told us about each stage precisely and clearly, and everything went exactly as they had described in the first visit. We were left with no lingering doubts, trying to anticipate what might happen during the process. In this way, we avoided being surprised by other upsets.

In your case, you turned to egg donation to achieve your pregnancy. Did you find it difficult to assimilate this option?

Quite the opposite! Having options to achieve our pregnancy through egg donation gave both of us enormous hope. We discovered that this possibility existed by reading a newspaper story that explained the case of a famous person who had resorted to donation. Today, thanks to centres like Eugin, this is an opportunity that is available to all couples.

The women who donate their eggs are young and they do it for altruistic reasons. Do you think they are aware of the value of their gesture?

Yes, for sure, it is an act of sheer altruism. Through their donation, they not only bring happiness to women – and more importantly, to couples- but they also open up the possibility of having children. It is a highly significant gesture.

Your children are still babies. Have you already thought about explaining to them how they were conceived?

Of course we have, but later. We’ll wait a bit for them to grow up so that they’ll be able to understand it properly.

What led you to travel from France to Spain in order to undergo your treatment at Eugin Clinic?

Our gynaecologist’s recommendation was definitely a big influence. Later, we found out about Eugin Clinic’s excellent international reputation, which ended up convincing us. As soon as we arrived at the clinic, we were surprised by the speed and simplicity of the entire process, as well as the welcome and friendliness of their whole team of professionals.

So, are you pleased with the outcome?

Totally. Starting with the quality we perceived upon arrival at the clinic, followed by the assuredness with which the physician spoke to us at all times. He described the whole process in such a way that we understood that it would work: there were no “medical reasons” to believe that it wouldn’t go well.

To conclude, imagine you have a couple in front of you who have just begun a fertility treatment. What would you say to them?

That they shouldn’t hesitate to ask any questions they might have to understand all parts of the process. In this way, they can prepare themselves properly for each and every one of the phases, and it will be the best way to deal with potential concerns or worries.

* Fictitious names to preserve their identity


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