Your browsing on Eugin’s website, 100% safe

All pages on our website have a sophisticated technological system that ensures communication security

Your browsing on Eugin's website, 100% safe


We take your security and your privacy very seriously. It matters to us that looking for a solution on our website should be your only concern and that you can do so with the greatest possible protection in relation to your own data and personal information. For this reason, all of our web pages incorporate a sophisticated security system which safeguards communications as well as the information you consult on our site.

Your browsing on Eugin will be completely safe, because each web page has its own certificate to confirm it, as with, for example, the security protocols used by most banks on their websites.

Your browsing on Eugin's website, 100% safe

A padlock like this certifies that your browser session is secure.

Despite being a requirement that ensures protection for Net users, it is not available on all websites. You can identify this security system through a small padlock in the address, which confirms that your browser session is secure.

Also in your Secure Personal Area

In your Secure Personal Area you will also find this security protocol, which has been certified and approved, in this case, by the exacting standards set by Verisign. In that space, your privacy is very important, and to that end your data will be encrypted securely.


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