We listen to you and put your suggestions into practice

Your opinion is very important, so each week we review all comments from our patients. All of them are taken into account and help us make you feel better

We listen to you and put your suggestions into practice


When you finish your treatment we ask you to evaluate us. This information is very important to us, and many of the ongoing improvements we implement originate from those comments:

More privacy and discretion

For the last few months, all our patients have individual rest areas at their disposal to ensure privacy and peace of mind.

We listen to you and put your suggestions into practice

You have always positively valued Eugin’s discretion, and that’s why we go one step further. In our facilities we will communicate with you through your patient number, in order to preserve your privacy to the utmost.

Naturally, all your data is encrypted automatically.

Personal and immediate attention

From day one, you will have four professionals at your service, so that at any time you may make any queries, or deal with any medical or administrative matters. This system allows us to consistently be by your side at all times.

Eugin Clinic is a great team of 230 professionals working in coordination for you. We know that many times the answers cannot wait, so we are committed to serving you quickly and efficiently.

Comfort and peace of mind

We want you to be at ease throughout your treatment, and especially during the exciting time of the embryo transfer. Many patients have suggested to us that we should offer relaxation therapies such as acupuncture. No sooner said than done, they are already at your disposal.

Every day, our patients suggest improvements that we don’t delay in putting into practice. We are very attentive to your needs at all times, and delighted to receive your feedback.


Do you have a question? Leave us your comments and receive personalised expert advice from our specialists. You can also follow us on our social media communities.

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