We take care of our personnel so that they can take care of you

Eugin Clinic has been awarded the Human Capital 2014 Prize

We take care of our personnel so that they can take care of you

“Everything was perfect. The patient care team gave a rapid response to our questions and made us feel absolutely safe. The doctors were very kind, made us feel at home and settled all our doubts. The receptionists were very pleasant and made us feel important and welcome”. That is how Christine, a Eugin patient, described her experience.

Her words are a clear reflection of how we want our patients to feel when they come to Eugin: fully supported by our team during their experience. Naturally we also want to offer our patients the best possibilities of becoming pregnant, but we are concerned about ensuring that these women feel well during the process, since we are aware that their emotions are running very high.

“We know full well that to make a patient feel at home, it is essential for the people who treat her during the process feel good too”, says Juli Fernández, Human Resources director at Eugin. In this respect, in 2013 the Eugin Wellness Plan was established for the clinic’s staff, which organised activities and workshops on healthy habits to encourage a good general state of wellness among all the personnel responsible for taking care of the patients.

Ensuring the wellbeing of the staff

“We want our professionals to enjoy an excellent quality of life and this entails having sound physical and mental health”, assures Juli Fernández. “This is the only way to ensure they will be capable of supporting and accompanying our patients as they expect us to, and as they need to be treated during a process as complex as assisted reproduction”, he adds.

With this objective, activities related to the occupational health and wellbeing of the personnel are organised. The staff receives training in empathic skills and emotional intelligence and tools to allow them to adopt good habits, taking part in workshops to promote healthy lifestyles such as yoga, meditation or guidelines for following a healthy diet.

“The patients we deal with are going through an extremely emotional time and it is important for us to be prepared to give them the best care and attention”, says Fernández. “This is the only way to ensure that these women can feel satisfied about choosing Eugin to achieve their dream”.

Consolidation and recognition

All these activities are gradually consolidated. Proof of this is the recognition given to the Clinic by institutions and independent organisations. A few months ago, Eugin won the Catalonia Flexible Enterprise Award 2013 acknowledging its policies for guaranteeing the wellbeing of its personnel, and now it has been awarded the Human Capital 2014 Prize, a national award that is one of the most prestigious in the sector. Under the title Special Mention in the Wellness, Wellbeing and Occupational Health Category, the prize acknowledges the efforts made by Eugin to guarantee the wellbeing and care of its employees through implementing general wellness and health policies.

However, the best prize is to continue reading the comments expressing the satisfaction of our patients, such as the one submitted by Carla: “Apart from being extremely competent, you have an eminently human side, and this, in our opinion, makes you perfect! A million thanks for everything”.

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