Have you ever wondered how a doctor’s performance is appraised?

The Eugin Clinic medical team has pioneered rigorous protocols to ensure excellence in each and every one of the processes that make up the treatment

Have you ever wondered how a doctor's performance is appraised?

Working side by side with you, we want you to achieve pregnancy and it is therefore necessary to have all the safeguards in place in order to attain the highest quality in all the processes that make up your assisted reproduction treatment. With that goal in mind, at EUGIN, all the stages in the process have sophisticated monitoring and ongoing improvement tools.

One of the key moments of the treatment is the embryo transfer. This delicate phase depends on the skill of a specialized medical team.

At EUGIN, that moment is perfectly protocolised, always ensuring that all requirements regarding precision and skill are met. Our team of specialists receive specific ongoing training and are systematically evaluated. In this way, we can be sure that each and every one of the transfers is carried out with the utmost assurance.

Pioneering protocol in the sector

The excellence of the protocols established by Eugin Clinic have been recognized by the prestigious scientific journal Human Reproduction, which this month has published a study on the subject.

Commitment to Total Quality

Our patients entrust us with one of their most human dreams, and we can not disappoint them.

The German TÜV certification has been awarding EUGIN the total quality seal for several years in recognition of its strict compliance with the main rules and procedures in an Integrated Management Quality System.

But in addition to guaranteeing a flawless operation, we also want to ensure the most humane and personalised treatment. And to prove that this is not just fine words, we have spent years applying a series of recognised welfare policies, resulting in a motivated and happy team, which is transmitted to our patients.

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