Egg donation is a properly regulated and strictly controlled activity in Spain

Despite what some international media suggest, the crisis has not led to an increase in egg donations

An article published in the weekly German news magazine “Der Spiegel” which describes the experiences of egg donors has caused surprise in the assisted reproductive technology sector in Spain. Although the situation described by the publication does not reflect the true situation but only a few exceptional cases, experts from Eugin Clinic have expressed their concern in this respect.

The professionals from this assisted reproduction clinic want all doubts about a hypothetical exploitation of egg donors to be eradicated. They say that Spanish legislation is one of the most advanced in Europe.

Quality model and safety with respect to donation

Spain has been regulating and controlling egg donation for 25 years – since 1988 -, and is now one of the leading countries in legislating this aspect and the world leader in organ donations for the past 20 years.

In fact, Spain has clear, transparent legislation regarding donation and assisted reproduction that correctly regulate medical activities in this field. In Spain, donations are made in accordance with exhaustive, strict medical, ethical and legal directives, with results that are above the European average. For this reason, many patients from all over the world put their faith in our work, in order to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

The demand for donors is dependent on the number of patients

In view of the existing controversy, the director of Eugin Clinic, Valèrie Vernaeve, warns “it is important to understand that the number of donations depends solely and exclusively on the demand among patients”.

Therefore, we cannot affirm that the crisis has led to an increase in the number of donors in Spain. The data of the clinic point in this direction, since 59.6% of all donors are working, as opposed to only 23.8% who are unemployed. This figure is well below the current unemployment rate for this age group.

Infographics: How do we select our donors?


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